My Favorite Posts So Far

In an effort to prevent you from being stuck behind a wall of…



I decided to make it easier for you all: here are my favorite posts that I’ve ever constructed, all in one handy place!

The Glossary of an Adult *

The Story of my battle with Cancer – chapter by chapter, week by week – in rough first draft glory *


That Christmas Morning Feeling… *

The Creature Known as “Life”

Five Ways Super Mario Maker Needs to Change via Patches and DLC *

Memory is the Soul of the Mind

Swiss Army Man Spoiler Discussion *

And Now for Something Completely Different

The Constant Balance of Productivity and Procrastination

 Learn Your Three “Rs”: Reboots, Remakes, and Re-imaginings *

— AND Isn’t “&”, at Least Not in Movies *

— Proposed Maine Film Bill LD 1004

— “Not Alone, Only Lonely” *

From 🙂 to 😉 *

“Falling Behind” *


“That Old Friend Named Depression”

“Another Bout With Depression”*

“Depression Suppression”*

“A Flip of the Coin”*

— Stuck in the Middle With You

— “You Want To Make Movies? Oh. Wow.”

Another Bout With Doubt

“The Grey Year and LCD Soundsystem”

My Top Ten Tips to Lose Weight *

Work Until Your Hands Bleed

New Paths, Old Boots

My Favorite Music of All-Time (Current)

“Storm of Ages: Nightmare” A Novel by Elizabeth Jalbert ‘The Writer’s Mind Interview’  *

Eulogies: Writing Isn’t Always Fiction

My Love of Mixtapes

If I Were a Kid for The Force Awakens…

Stasis = Death

All 368 #DLMChallenge Titles!

My #DLMChallenge Top 20

Cat’s in the Cradle

Top 15 Films of 2015 *

My Deadpool Review (#ConTENders)

*My Proudest works amongst them all.

More than I thought! I’ll keep adding to (and subtracting from) this list as I improve as a writer. Follow me on Twitter @GuyOnAWire

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