Work Until Your Hands Bleed

I work at a soulless, thankless job. To me. 

And I have some advice to give to others out there who feel the same way.

To me, my current job is a nightmare; a constant reminder of my failures and reservations. Every day, the job chips away at my very being and I’m left mentally and physically exhausted.

Now do not mince my words: I don’t hate this job or the people. What tends to happen though, is that I get incredibly frustrated with little things; things that should be common sense. These things get under my skin and so begin the bad moods.

This past year, I developed gastrointestinal problems due to my stressful nature. I let the smallest of things get to me, both at work and at home. But that can’t be all, right?

Why am I so upset? Well, longevity is one of my professional strong suits. I’ve been at this job for over eight years.

Now before you say, “Then why don’t you do something about it?” I must mention that I did.

Way back in 2004 after my bout with Leukemia, I started at the University of Maine at Fort Kent. After two years, I transferred to the University of Maine in Orono. Here, I found their program lacking in what I was looking for, and with bills adding up I dropped out.

Four years later (A few years into my current job), I went back to school, this time for a Video Production degree at The New England School of Communications in Bangor, ME. I started the fall of 2010, and by Spring 2014, I had finally graduated with my degree. I can’t praise this school enough. Some of my favorite moments of my life were had during school. It made my job bearable.

But that was the one problem. I was still working at the very same job. I’ve worked the same job before, during, and now after all of my last four years in school. Currently, as I write my screenplays, hoping to make one soon, I still work at this job.

This is where my frustration and growing anger lies.

Now onto my advice to others in similar situations.

When faced with stressful situations whether it be a conflict, or confrontation, a dispute or a disagreement (whichever synonym you prefer), try to step outside yourself and look at you in this situation.

Are you the cause of the problem? The person you are facing, may not be the most flexible, or hard-working, but is there a way for you to dissolve this conflict by compromising some bullshit, meaningless, small concession that you are currently conflating with other crap into a big deal?

If you are able to work on your side of the conflict, then it will make things easier. But the most important thing is to WORK TOWARDS WHAT YOU WANT TO DO! Your life goals will not materialize themselves! If you are like me, fight against your complacency and achieve what you only ever dreamed of!

It won’t be easy, but make sure to take the time for yourself, aside from the countless hours toiling away at a job you hate, and chip away at those goals.

As Troy Baker mentioned in an episode of The GameOverGreggy Show, sit inside the fire. Use that fire inside of you, and that downtime in your life to turn it around.

feel more awake if I work towards my goals. I hop out of bed, no joke. When those days where I can’t be productive creep back into my life, I sleep longer and harder.

Finally, if you’re going through a shitty job in your life don’t fret, fight. Don’t act like you’re too good for the job, you’ll come off as an asshole. Instead do something positive for your mental health. If you wait to long, you’ll go crazy. You will become that asshole. I’ve seen it personally, and used to wonder what’s their deal. Well, now I know. They’ve been working all of their lives at a job they don’t care for, and now, it has consumed them.

Ouch. They have ruined their lives, all because they were afraid to reach for their goals, and grab them.

Don’t become an asshole. Do something that makes you hop out of bed.


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