About Me

I’m a writer of all sorts: screenplays, a novel, and this blog and with many stories to tell, yet mine are always in flux. Follow me as I work out the kinks.

My favorite things are movies (of which the ones I write tend to be Sci-fi and drama), interesting statistics, Crossovers, and Smash Bros.

HERE are my favorite posts so far.

HERE is My Cancer Story.

I also have really fun series:

#52PickUp– Where I watch 52 childhood favorites, one a week, and see if they hold up.

Local Interest– Shining the spotlight on friends and their works

The Writer’s Mind– Musings from the twisted mind of a writer

Dream Digitizer– Where I post my dreams and attempt to analyze their meanings.

Smashed Into Oblivion– A Smash Bros. Fan Fiction

And my #DLMChallenge of 2015 where I watched 365 Movies in 365 Days… Yeah.


For more information about me click here.

-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)

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