Sometimes, I’m Not Whole

I’d hit another low point in my life recently– not because of work, but because my creative outlet, writing, was smothered by work. Don’t get me wrong, working on television show sets is something that I’ve dreamed about since I was a boy – and it’s a far cry from a hated profession being the inhibitor – but nevertheless, if I don’t write, then a part of me isn’t living.

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“L.A. Life” -Dream Digitizer

I’ve never had dreams about Los Angeles since moving here, but I had my first one this morning. A way to make ends meet down here is to work the grind of audience casting. My friend, Kevin, does this and he’s taught me a lot about it (considering I used to go to audience gigs inadvertently for free).


So it’s no surprise that my first dream of Los Angeles was in this setting. I was a member of a four-person pub trivia team for a televised game show. Here, we all answered a series of questions on a sheet of paper, and then we’d hand in our answers to a host very similar to Alex Trebek.

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