“The Late Show with Kristen Wiig” -Dream Digitizer

In this installment of Dream Digitizer, while asleep on the couch in a t-shirt and shorts in a cold ass apartment, I get involved in drug trafficking and end up as a producer for a late show that has yet to happen. Did I predict the future?

God, I hope not for the former. It started out as a few friends (myself included) going into this apartment where Paddy Murphy’s in Bangor would be. In fact the door of which is at the last window going left towards Evenrood. Anyway, it felt like New York City, but my mind wasn’t fooling me.

We walk to the second story of this apartment looking for someone. At this time, I have no idea who lives here or why we’re there. My friend calls out for each person (four live there). I recognize three out of the four just by their first name because- hey, it’s my dream.

The last person I don’t, and we’re about to leave but we are “greeted” (read: threatened) by that same man, “If you don’t bring the 100k back to me by tomorrow, you’re dead.”

So we set off for a little adventure. Like, we packed clothes for three days, hiking gear, and all of that. Weird. Even if we did need to climb, we only had one day, so no need for that much clothing.

The rest of the adventure is a bit hazy as I had awoke several times on the freezing cold couch, but just kept falling back asleep.

We ended up borrowing the money from someone who had owed us a favor. Now in transit to pick up the money, I got nervous as we approached the drop and subsequently pissed my pants. So much so, in fact, that I had a LARGE yellow stain up on my belly as well.

Luckily I had my extra clothes, so I quickly changed in the bathroom. The place around the bathroom changed and I was now in a strip mall like area, but next to a small corner studio with a compact desk and fake ferns surrounding it. It was a Late Show taping, but with Kristen Wiig. This is pretty much the natural evolution of her character in Welcome to Me.

On the side, just off-camera was a producer. He was an older man, bald except for a grey ring around the back of his head, with a disheveled button-up shirt and a sad tie.

He makes eye contact with me and starts an animated but silent rant to me. He motions for me to come around the back. So I oblige, unsure of what I did to warrant such a response.

In the back, I walk through a small, messy warehouse-like area that has cellophane-wrapped bags of folded t-shirts adorned with “The Late Show with Kristen Wiig,” each color in its own bag.

I walk to the back of the set, where this producer rips into me:

Producer: Where have you been?! We were supposed to be CO-producers for this show. I’ve been doing all of the work, and you’ve been galavanting around collecting checks!

Now, I felt bad. I’m not one to ignore my responsibilities, especially for such a fantastic job. But I really had no idea what he was talking about. I then thought, oh maybe you’re right, maybe I did forget. Like the dream was supposed to be about this job, as in I’m supposed to be a video production person, not some weird dreamer. I was letting my profession down.

It was a really meta and poignant moment in such a bizarre dream. Like I let this dream guy down big time. I then thought, “Should I quit Verizon for this job? Maybe I work Verizon then ‘The Late Show?’ ”

Soon after, he changed into Sigourney Weaver (in her red dress from The Cabin in the Woods).

I start my job. I sit by the set and wait for the next guest to come out of the green room. They announce their name and I look down the warehouse-like hallway and sure enough a woman and her two young daughters come out. The mother has no bra on and her high beams are bright. The two girls don’t even look alike– or like the mother for that matter.

They go on the set and with what little space they had in front of the desk, stand in front of Kristen Wiig. I mean this set is seriously an oval 5′ x 7.5′ It’s super small.

So what can I interpret from this insane dream?

  1. Drugs are bad, Mmm Kay?
  2. Kristen Wiig would make a good host, if she wasn’t so damn busy.
  3. Maybe I’ve been dreaming wrong this entire time, I should dream about filmmaking and television production more.


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