Whole30 Day Four (and a terrifying dream)

Today, I had ONE less meal and I didn’t even notice! How is that possible? Maybe it was this dream:

I had an insane dream this morning. I landed in a Chinese airport with a bag full of random stuff, some of which, being different types of leaves and grass. …Don’t ask. They interrogated me about my items and pulled out something that they didn’t like. (No idea what that was) Then an officer whispered in my ear: “Do you want to be killed instantly or tortured first?”

I hyperventilated as they unsheathed a massive blade. As they swung to strike me, I awoke in a panic.

Then I made breakfast! I had two fried eggs (per usual), a couple strips of bacon, some more of the fried homefries with grilled onions and yellow peppers, some hemp seeds, raisins, and a coffee. Yum! What a tasty way to shake the feeling of near-death in the morning!






To be fair, I have dreams like this often, well not like this, but you get the idea. The biggest note from this morning’s dream is that I rarely have them at all anymore. So, maybe the diet is helping to reclaim them? Yes, that’s a good thing.

I walked to Groundwork Coffee to knock another chapter out on My Cancer Story and I just crossed 120,000 words! Surely, that number will fall as I edit the shit out of it, but hey, it’s an achievement. Oh, and I ate a banana before walking over. I’m so thankful that I can eat every fruit and (almost) every vegetable in the world. The two exceptions are corn and peas (but then sugar snap and snow peas are okay). Long story, but if you buy the Whole30 Book, you’ll see why.

I rushed to get home two hours later to watch the 75th annual Golden Globes. That was a fantastic experience, but I was also rather hungry. These sort of events make me want to kick back a few beers and have some salty treats, and so, this was a hard moment for me.

But as soon as I made a quick and dirty dish (so I could fully enjoy Seth Meyers’ biting monologue), I was content. I made: Ground beef over French-Style green beans with yellow mustard, mayo, and green hot sauce, with a side of hazelnuts, raisins, a cucumber, and some cranberry juice. Hey, I know what you’re thinking, but I’m not one to worry about repetition if I thoroughly enjoy everything that I eat. Find the foods that you love and throw in as MUCH variety as you like.

I got a bonus shot of the dinner, too!


It’s not the most photogenic dish, but it was TASTY!

Finally, before I hit the gym for the second time today to ensure I met my steps goal, I had a few ounces of chia seeds to tie me over.

And that’s it!

See you tomorrow!

-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)

Jamie writes about himself a lot. Yeah, he knows that can be irritating, but he hopes that people can learn from his mistakes, like when he had cancer and waited too long to chase his dream. Learn more about his battle with Leukemia (AML) in his on-going first draft of his book here.

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