Whole30 Day Seventeen

I’m so satiated with my meals nowadays that I sometimes accidentally miss a meal…

But not breakfast! After I reemerged from the car, I made myself the usual breakfast, except that I almost forgot to take a photo! Whoooooops.



Those eggs were so damn tasty.

I chipped away at my monumental undertaking that is the tale of an autobiographical battle with cancer, then had a pear, and got some errands done. I checked in with my brother and fiancé and my new nephew, then drove to the Fox Lot to pick up my check.

When I actually went to pick it up, I got stuck in Rush Hour traffic. I could see Chris Tucker wailing at somebody and so, I knew I was in the right place.


Har. Har.

My stomach began to growl as I realized I hadn’t eaten lunch. It was nearing six PM, and to combat this urge, I popped what little hazelnuts I had left in the car into my mouth.

I drove a destination drive towards home and once I… arrived at my destination, I ate some supper.

More sloppy joes with pickles and raisins. Sorry, I’m boring, but this tastes too damn good to stop eating!

-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)

Jamie writes about himself a lot. Yeah, he knows that can be irritating, but he hopes that people can learn from his mistakes, like when he had cancer and waited too long to chase his dream. Learn more about his battle with Leukemia (AML) in his on-going first draft of his book here.

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