Whole30 Day Six

I finally made my first scrambled egg since the Whole30 Program began! Guess what I used for a cream?

Whoa, you’re disgusting.

No, I woke up and used some of my coconut cream I had saved for a future ranch recipe. The cream is super easy to make. As per the book, all you do is buy a can of coconut milk and set the unopened can in the fridge overnight. Then, you pop it open and scoop out the thick cream that forms on the top of the can. It looks like a thicker Cool Whip.

The scrambled eggs came out great, and I completed the meal with the usual suspects: hazelnuts, raisins, and Tim Horton’s coffee.


Today was another late day; I woke up at 11:30. I went to the gym, hung out with my friend, Tim for a bit, then went to Lyft for a few hours. I severely need to make that money! Good LORD, do I have a lot of bills coming soon.

Before driving, I had a banana, then made a snack bag of cucumbers, carrots, and celery and some more Tim Horton’s coffee for the road. Yup, all ‘C’ foods.

When I got home, I realized I had to cook the rest of the hamburger I had in the fridge. I pan-fried it and finally had the time to make a batch of the ranch recipe in the Whole30 book. I mixed THAT with mustard to make Tangy Ranch. Then, I topped the hamburger with it and had a bosc pear on the side.

Then later, another pear. I couldn’t resist, they were so tender.

And that’s it! A super short day and not a lot of food to discuss!

See you tomorrow!

-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)

Jamie writes about himself a lot. Yeah, he knows that can be irritating, but he hopes that people can learn from his mistakes, like when he had cancer and waited too long to chase his dream. Learn more about his battle with Leukemia (AML) in his on-going first draft of his book here.

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