“I Dreamed a Dream… Again.” -Dream Digitizer

I haven’t been dreaming like I used to in quite a while. I think I’m getting too much sleep. Yes, that sounds backwards but hear me out.

When I used to enjoy more of the day, you know when I worked earlier and exerted myself more physically, when I fell asleep, I hit hard.

Now, I find myself more tired because A. I don’t get enough exercise and B. My current job doesn’t require more from me physically, it only sucks my mental capabilities so by the end of the day, my brain is mush.

But here is a long-awaited Dream Digitizer that represents my mental anguish as of late in a fun way: Superheroes!

I was hanging out with the Avengers (yes, just like the last two times), but this time I was actually a part of the team as myself.

There was a 70s interior with a stark tan fabric material lining the walls, but as one unit, like the inside of a bathtub: smooth, uniform, and just as curvy.

This party was insane. I had just seen a photo of Rosario Dawson and watched Future on SNL, so they were there among other celebrities.

Well at one of the walls tucked away in the corner near the entrance (like the space near the door in a storefront) was Tony Stark’s secret suit laboratory. To the right of this nook was a staircase that went to a balcony overlooking the foyer, which by the way was as a big as a police precinct floor. It was here, that a secret entrance on the other side led to the small lab.

A saboteur had set a small enough bomb on the storefront side– just enough to blow a hole into that secret lab. The bomb went off.

I was essentially Tony’s assistant. I was in charge to track down the cause of the explosion and therefore I had all access to his tech and secret areas.

There was so many people at the party that I had a hard time getting to my task at hand; the one upon which my job depended.

My friend Seth was trying to get me to play a game of Smash, so I sat down for a few moments to play, but I had to get this important task accomplished first. I hopped on my feet and continued on.

As I’m desperately trying to solve this problem, Tony comes up to me to apologize: “I’m so sorry, I’ve been meaning to come help you take care of this, but I’m being pulled away left and right. I’ll make it up to you.

I finally make it into the secret room, and there is minimal damage and everything seems to be working smoothly.

No one else seemed to notice anything happened (since the original explosion), so I’m running around frantic while everyone else has a great time.

Then there were two conference rooms with glass walls so you could view the entire conference and its participants (again much like a precinct) then–

I fell asleep. When recording this dream, I fell back asleep for about a minute and a half, then I woke up and said I have nothing more and stopped the recording.

At least I didn’t leave it recording for another two-four hours after like I usually do.

It’s good to dream again.

So what can I interpret from this insane dream?

  1. I apparently love superheroes (I do).
  2. I want to be in a creative endeavor and have “no time” for frivolities.
  3. I can fall in and out of deep sleep with a proverbial snap of the fingers.

For more on me and my crazy dreams follow me on Twitter @GuyOnAWire


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