“Anna Kendrick, Amiibo, and the End of the World” -Dream Digitizer

This dream occurred the night before I went to the Little Dragon concert (more on that later), but it includes Anna Kendrick, Amiibo, and the end of the world.

It started out fairly simple. I was in a balcony of an old theater that had been retrofitted with a movie screen. I was patiently awaiting for the movie to start the only way I know how: People-watching. Screw phones, people are much more interesting.

Anyway, I was checking out the other moviegoers, when all of sudden there she is: Anna Kendrick. Now Anna is also from Maine, and is quite successful. I admire her because she is one of the handful of people from Maine who’ve become successful in the TV and Film industry (Don’t worry, I haven’t forgot about you Patrick Dempsey).

Now of course I am also a big fan of her because she is gorgeous, she is quirky and geeky, and that makes her the perfect woman.

So in my dream I strike up a conversation, and we immediately hit it off. Later we ditch the movie and head somewhere private. Except when we get there, three other guys were waiting for us in the room. Now I was getting worried. But I was seduced by her charm nevertheless.

In the dream it had felt like we were baited by Anna. The others were already stoic and statue-esque, so I had assumed that they were already seduced. This led me to the assumption that she was collecting the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, er, the Four Cocks of the Apocalypse.

It was akin to Gozer awakening from the marrying of the Gatekeeper and the Keymaster.

So I witnessed the end of the world, but like any other good dream… it continued.

Then I transported to work in the hospital’s kitchen. Now, I know I need to leave my job, but man does the equation of “shitty job = the end of the world” could not have been more on the nose.

Here everyone including the supervisor was in a trance, slowly moving around from section to section, wandering without a mind.

The chemical room and old ice room’s door placement reminds me of my old house, in which my room’s door was on the left. So voila! My room from when I was a kid was there instead.

All of my toys were scattered on the floor and bed. But my Amiibo were front and center. Now again, the heavy-handed metaphors are starting to hurt Dream People…

My “adult” figurines were collected in a pile on my bed. The aimless supervisor kept going into my room and throwing the figures away. I had to follow him and pick them out of the garbages strewn throughout the hospital as he dropped one after the other.

So what can I interpret from this insane dream?

1. Anna Kendrick is a Sexy Devil

2. I need to leave my job

3. Amiibo are toys yes, but I have to be an adult to be dumb enough to wait in line to buy them…

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