“John Wilkes Booth, Time Traveler” -Dream Digitizer

In this installment of Dream Digitizer I am John Wilkes Booth in the process of negotiating my contract to kill Abraham Lincoln and more after the jump.

It starts out in a luxurious penthouse suite complete with a kidney shaped pool near a bar and mini palm tree. I sit at the bar while my family swims twenty feet or so away. With me at the bar is a man in a black standard business suit whispering to me so that my family doesn’t hear.

My name in this dream is John Wilkes Booth and this man is from the Illuminati. He’s trying to get me to travel back in time and live a few years in the past, work my way up as an actor, and kill Lincoln.

He shows me a photo of Booth. It’s me, so naturally I must have agreed eventually. In return for the deed, I will have access to all of the Illuminati’s secrets. I will know every shady thing the organization does and will do.

The contract itself was in an old timey font and had specific lines like “I hereby promise to NEVER spill any of the secrets of the Illuminati or its practices. The penalty for this is DEATH.”

I guess I spilled the goods, didn’t I?

After I killed Lincoln, I tried to explain to Mary Todd Lincoln why I had to do it (her and I were having an affair) so it didn’t seem like a jilted lover ploy.

When I awoke, I felt like I actually did sign up for the Illuminati.

Weird dream. But now I wonder if John Wilkes Booth was a time traveler.

Or a male model. 😉

  1. So what can I interpret from this insane dream? I want a hotel suite like this one.
  2. Conspiracy Theories are so insane that even in dreams you cannot escape them.
  3. John Wilkes Booth is a time traveler.

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