The Glossary of an Adult

As I’ve bolstered my vocabulary exponentially over the past ten years, I’ve discovered that it is through the podcast medium from which my lexicon has benefited the most.

I’ve learned myriad words from many a podcast: Scriptnotes, Filmspotting, Good Job, Brain, and most notably from the Kinda Funny gang. Between Colin’s deep appreciation of the English language and Greg’s history in journalism and hosting, I’ve been able to see the forest through the trees.

Colloquialisms, turn of phrases, and words emblematic of a proper writer have seeped into my subconscious and into my writing. I am truly grateful for all of the points of saturation, for my younger years were notably absent of such enlightenment. The reason that I was astonishingly anemic of such enrichment was due to my lack of proper novel/article reading. If it were so in my youth, then I may have accomplished such a glossary in a more acceptable manner.

While I may not always employ the use of every word I’ve learned (nor should I, lest I sound like a pompous ass), it is with this knowledge that I am able to feel confident in my writing and oration, regardless of still-present missteps.

But nevertheless, I am here to say thanks to you, fine podcasters, who have nudged me into the literary light.

Merci Beaucoup.

-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)

What are some of your favorite phrases from podcasts you listen to? Let me know in the comments below. My two are used above: “I can’t see the forest through the trees;” and “myriad.”

If you’re new to my blog, then please check out my other works; most importantly my recent saga of my battle with Leukemia as an eighteen-year old.

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