Five Ways Super Mario Maker Needs to Change via Patches and DLC (MyIGN RePost)

Note: Originally Posted on MyIGN Blog September 19th, 2015

Now that I’ve been obsessively playing the fantastic level creating game Super Mario Maker for a week (now out for the Wii U), there are some things that I have noticed that should be there but aren’t- and things that in my mind, have to be included.

I’m here to discuss Five Things that SHOULD be included in future updates to the “Proof of the Wii U Gamepad’s Concept”, Super Mario Maker.

5. Characters and Items–

Super Mario Maker has dozens of Nintendo’s best enemies from all four games, and even has new artwork for their older game counterparts, but I found some that I would love to throw into my future creations.

Chargin’ Chuck–

These guys were so annoying- some would charge, some jump, and others inexplicably throw baseballs (wrong sport, guys). But they were always fun to destroy, especially since they each took three hits to kill.

“Ready… HUT!” 

The Angry Sun–

Talk about annoying! The Angry Sun was the epitome of “pain in the butt.” It would be amazing to use these guys in a new desert level. Hmm maybe a new sub-theme too?

“Where the sun don’t shine, huh?”

Upgradable Items– 

I’d like the ability to upgrade an item if the player already has said item. A standard in the Mario games since the original on NES, if you were already Super Mario, any Mushroom power-ups would become Fire Flowers. The same went for subsequent games in the series.

“I was promised a psychedelic flower, NOT a mushroom!”

Hidden Musical Blocks–

Much like the level 7-2 in Super Mario Bros. 3 (which I tried to recreate), I was unable to properly remake the frustrating hidden musical blocks. I love hidden blocks and a carefully placed hidden musical block could give players the leg up they need.

“Pain in my A$$!”

The Additional Item Reserve in Super Mario World–

Another fun element in Super Mario World was the ability to store an additional item in the Heads-up-Display (HUD) of the screen. It definitely would come in handy for some of the uploaded courses I’ve played. And of course, it would be limited to the Super Mario World themed levels of which I play A LOT of.

“Save me, Feather!”
Source: Me


One of my favorite mini boss battles was against the circle of dinosaurs, Reznor. It would be a blast to insert this Dino Quartet into future levels.

“Will you bite the hand that feeds?
Will you chew until it bleeds? “


Every time I play a custom level that dangerously looms near the lava, I expect the giant lizard Blargg to jump up and kill me, but it never happens. Why can’t we use him again?

“Love me!!!”

The Koopalings– (man, Super Mario World got shafted, huh?)

I mean this is a no brainer. They’re in three of the four themes of the Mario games, so why not have the ability to use the seven “former” children of King Koopa? Of course they would be under the same limitations as using any Bowser/Bowser Jr. combos, but it makes a lot of sense for they all acted differently.

The Seven Psychopaths Source:
The Seven Psychopaths

4. Platforms and Floorspace–

Some platforms should be able to be tilted to create a see-saw effect like in New Super Mario Bros. U. Also one of the biggest issues for me personally, is the inability to make sloped ground sections i.e. Super Mario World or Mario 3. Not to mention the use of lava in other areas besides the castle. Also, in order to recreate some levels in Super Mario World, users would need to make angled pipes that shot Mario across the screen.

The Hills Have
The Hills Have “I”

3. Edits– 

Another frustrating element of Super Mario Maker is the inability to edit or update your uploads either for the name or minor tweaks to enhance the level after the fact. If I found a glaring error to what they call the “Emergent Gameplay” of my level, then I may want to tweak it to ensure the player follows the path in which I desire. Or if someone were incapable of spelling, then someone could correct them to save face.

“How Unfortunate…”
Source: Me

2. CHECKPOINTS!!!!!!!!

As inventive and challenging as the uploaded levels have been in the online community, I find it frustrating when I get through a very difficult or tedious section of a level only to die in the equally challenging next section of said level. Checkpoints would help more players actually play through more levels and skip less, especially in the expert 100 Mario Challenge.

Naturally this would also include the previous edit ability to insert these checkpoints into already-uploaded stages, but one step at a time, yes?

“Quick! Run through this! Mario: No, it’ll choke-a me!”

1. New Themes– I’ll just come out and say it: I want the theme of Super Mario 2 USA. I loved that game as a kid and like countless others didn’t even know it wasn’t a Mario game for years. But this was the game that introduced many now-classic staples of the Mario Universe such as doors, shy guys, POW Blocks, etc. This inclusion would of course lead to new mechanics like plucking but that’s nothing new in Super Mario Maker as each game contains its own tweaks.

It would also mean adding enemies who aren’t in the other games– Fry Guys, Cobrat, Tryclyde and even Wart could finally make his long-awaited return!

There are already some notable nods to the USA edition of Super Mario Bros. 2 in Super Mario Maker such as Mario 3’s doors and some musical cues when you use the Princess Peach Amiibo to name a few. Still though, the ability to utilize a game that many people in America grew up playing would be a dream come true.

Just think. Source:
“Maybe… not with Toad.”

BONUS! Overworld Creator–

Just imagine for a minute, being able to design your very own Overworld layout for any of the themes and make secret entrances/exits and add blocks a la Super Mario Bros. 3.

I know, it’s asking for a bit much, but it would be an improvement over the 1-1 to 1-4 through line.

Yes please. Source:
Yes please.

And there you have it, Five (or six) significant ways Super Mario Maker could improve. Do you know of any others? What would be your dream suggestions? Tell me in the comments below. And if you have any amazing courses out there, I’d love to see them! Put them down there too!

Here is one of mine so that you can play and follow me within the game: 3051-0000-0044-C064

Jamie writes far too few posts on this blog, but also has a video game blog where he write even less on IGN and can be found on Twitter at @GuyOnAWire.


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