“Not Alone, Only Lonely” -io9 Concept Art Writing Prompt

I stumbled across a wonderful writing exercise in which I encourage all of you fellow writers to participate. io9.com has a recurring segment called Concept Art Writing Prompt where they post a user-submitted piece of art and encourage writers to contribute their own backstory to the piece.

This week’s piece was entitled “Not Alone” by Francesco Corvino. Be sure to follow his gorgeous work here.

And without further ado, here is my submission entitled: “Not Alone, Only Lonely”

June 1st, 1994.

Rhett was the new fourth grade boy in school, but he was always the new boy in school. See his parents would travel from State to State so naturally it became increasingly harder for him to make friends. Every time he’d get to know somebody, his family would decide to move again.

The one place that he felt at home was on the water. He’d sneak out at night and sit in a small boat and gaze at the stars for hours. With what little time he had with each of his new friends, he would sneak them out too and show them the wonders of this serene environment.

Rhett developed a system for meeting new friends that was a bit odd. He had figured if his time were limited, he’d cut to the chase. So being a math nerd, on his first day at a new school, Rhett would stand on the cafeteria table during lunch and yell basic math problems out.”2+2!” “3×4!” “7×9!”

“4, 12, and 63,” shouted another kid.

Rhett focused his sights on the responder and smirked.



Everyone quieted down and watched on in confusion.


Without pause, the girl responded: “9,393!”

Smiling, Rhett walked up to gym wall’s chalkboard and scribbled:


The little girl walked up to it and put her hand on her chin.

“Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.”

Rhett laughed and held out his hand. “My name’s Rhett.”


Soon after, the two were inseparable. If one had to do something, the other was always there, so it was only natural that he asked her to go night fishing.

Later that night Regina lay in bed marveling at her glow-in-the-dark stars hanging above. TICK.


She looked over to her window. A small rock tapped on it.


Smile beaming, she hopped off of her bed.

The two walked down a small path in a forest.

“This place is awfully remote, isn’t it?” she asked.

“It’s just far enough from the city lights to see the stars.”

As the two reach the pond, a small boat sits on the beach. But Regina sees the sky instead.

“Whoa! Look at all of the stars!”

“Well technically they’re all galaxies–”

“I know that, silly.”

“Wait until you see them from the boat.”

The two climb into the boat. Rhett used the nearby pole like a Gondolier and pushed off of the shore.

He slowed the boat down in the middle of the pond and laid the pole over his lap.

“What do you see yourself doing in the future, Regina?”

“As an adult? Hmm, I want to be a scientist, but I’m not sure in which field, Regina replied.

“I thought you might. This is why I brought you here.”

“I don’t understand.”

“We need you, Regina. The world needs you.”

“Please stop, you’re freaking me out, Rhett.”

“Do you notice how we converse? We’re not simple 9 year olds, we’re well beyond our years.”

“I noticed, of course. This is why we get along so well.”

“Regina, we need you to save the world.”

“Why do you keep saying We?

 A low hum wades in overhead. Regina darts her gaze above in response. An enormous spaceship the size of Manhattan glides into position, covering the stars.

“Rhett, are you–”

“An alien? Yes. We watch over Earth, and we need the best and brightest to save it. It’s corrupt and it’s sick.”

“But, my family. I can’t–”

“If you don’t your family will parish. We must act quickly in order to save them. Please.”

Regina dipped her head low and nodded. “May I ask you a question first?”


“Why so young?”

“You’re pure.”

The ship’s middle compartment hangs overhead and opens its doors. A thin bright beam of light hits the boat. Regina begins to float upward.

“Will I see you again?” Regina asked.

“Very soon. Now go meet the others.”

She ascends the beam into the bottom of the ship.

Rhett stands to see her off.

“There goes another friend.”

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