From :) to ;)

These days it’s mind-boggling how anyone is expected to find someone with whom to share their lives.

There are many obstacles in the way of such “happiness” (I’ll let you be the judge on that one), things like friend zones, misguided feelings, and the worst: Social Degradation.

Our social skills scare the fuck out of me. I already feel like an old man, lost in a sea of bright-lit five-inch screens illuminating faces, but nothing else. And I’m not even thirty yet.

Our world is more connected than ever before, yet so torn apart.

While I’m not actively looking, the thought of opening my eyes to such relationships again frightens me.

Maybe it’s because I was part of the last wave of Generation Y to know a world without internet and cell phones. Now, most people are incapable of simply holding a face-to-face conversation, a fact that I wish could be reversed. Yet now I find myself swimming upstream against the current of change when I thought I was merely a part of the school swimming in unison.

I love change; it’s fear-inducing and exciting all at once. But this isn’t the type of change for which I had hoped. Then I wondered what older generations complained about as they reached my current viewpoint; what scary “change” made them vocal against the trends?

Are we destined to forever live in a loop of generational pride and then bigotry?

Now back full swing to relationships. Oh, how I’ve missed them. The thrill of the chase: working every angle to get a woman from friendly to interested. Good lord, that’s fun.

But in these electronic days, now we only work to get 🙂 to ;).

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