“Deadpool” #ConTENders 2016

Deadpool is my first (and surprisingly early) ConTENder for my 2016 Top Ten list [I Promise he’ll keep doing that].


Deadpool and its creators fought like hell to even get made, let alone get to his nemesis Francis. And thank the Good God it did! It was the best superhero movie in quite some time, and CHRIST there were so many Fourth Wall breaks I almost creamed my jeans. (Almost, pff. My ass always gets you going.)

Ryan Reynolds, Tim Miller, and The Real Heroes of the film (the writers Rhett Wernick and Paul Reese, wait scratch that and reverse it: Rhett Reese (the walking alliteration), and Paul Wernick (the better half), writers of Zombieland; Thank you all for making this movie happen. And special thanks (with tongue) go to Deadpool creators, Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza (Look, I’m pretending I know who they are).

Deadpool has it all: Action, Sex, Humor, Romance, (charred Ryan Reynolds penis), and oh so much more. It’s one of the few films that actually has any jokes left besides the ones seen in the trailers (Which is surprising because they marketed the FUCK out of it). In fact the entire movie is pretty hilarious– From the constant pokes at the Marvel/DC/X-men Universes and their tropes (all forty-seven of them), the failed missteps of Ryan Reynolds’ prior superhero gigs (I’m looking at YOU, Lantern), and the dirtiest fucking jokes this side of Van Wilder, Deadpool has it all. (You just said– ugh. Fuck me).

I can’t stop smiling. This movie is so much fun. I recommend anyone who has any inkling of love for the superhero genre or classic R-rated action films to take a chance on this film. (See it three times, Star Wars doesn’t need your money.)

You won’t regret it. I know it’s early, but I’ll be seeing you in the Top 10 of 2016, Deadpool. (See THIS! *grabs crotch and shakes it at Jamie.) Okay, that’s enough Deadpool. Go home and get some of that luscious Morena Baccarin! (On my way!)


Keep up with which films may make my Top 10 of 2016 by clicking here (but we all know what the #1 movie will be…).

Jamie usually writes things about himself here. But since he has such a hard-on for my movie and breaking the fourth wall, I figured I’d help him out. Follow Jamie on Twitter @GuyOnAWire… Wait, what is he, Philippe Petit? And follow me… or my real-life counterpart Ryan Reynolds @VanCityReynolds. Au revoir, you French bastard! I’m going to rake it in at the box office! Those X-Mans don’t come cheap!Deadpool-2012-new-poster-3


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