Week Eight Recap (Dumb Healthcare)- #Whole60

With four days left (including Wednesday), I found out new things about me and the stupefied healthcare providers that currently “support” me.

My “Crohn’s” cramps came back with a vengeance this week, and I had to get to the bottom of them to move forward. Okay, so maybe I’ve been eating a lot more potatoes and watermelon at work (the latter being a running gag with the Production Staff), and after my antibiotics, I could see myself potentially feeding the Candida overgrowth. I didn’t have this much watermelon at my disposal during January’s Whole30 run.

I took the day off from “Kidding” to recover from my cramps, and attempted a doctor’s appointment. When I called at 9:00 AM, I was notified of the once impossible-to-schedule doctor’s office’s amendment to their stuffed system; replaced with a walk-in option from 9-11 AM. I drove over by 9:15, and waited until 10 AM for the doctor to show up.


After the first patient – a young boy – I was “greeted” at the door. I loathed this place for it was a sad representation of affordable healthcare in California. Everyone here has a permanent dumbfounded look on their faces, and when I go into the exam room, the nurse asks me why I’m here. Every time. Yes, I already told the front window this when I checked in (and told them on the phone…).

I said I wanted my yearly physical and that I was experiencing these cramps associated with my stomach issues (meaning I only wanted bloodwork and little else from these “professionals”). Every time I bring up some issue I’m experiencing, I’m given the runaround, and get so frustrated that I ache to sprint out the door.

He fought with me on the bloodwork saying that it’s only been nine months since my last visit (a fact that I, honestly, didn’t realize) and that I should only have bloodwork done every two years. I told him that I have a limited amount of days available to me now that I work every day of the week, and if he could please order the tests.

He agreed and asked me if I had any symptoms of a cancer recurrence (joint pains, fever, weight loss, etc.). I told him that I’ve purposely lost weight since I had last visited this nightmare hole. He told me to go with the nurse and wait. I stared at him in confusion. “What?”

“Go. Wait. Wait. She won’t hurt you.”

I walk out with her, and she takes my weight. Oh… Look, I know I misunderstood you, but from my point of view, weight should have already been measured.

I stepped on the scale and it said that I weigh 205. This made sense with all of my clothes on and the differing scales (I use the same one every week for these recaps for consistency).

We walked back inside the exam closet, and she told him the weight. “205.”

“205, that’s impossible! We need to recalibrate the scale.” He looks at me incredulously.

“No, the scale’s fine. I told your I had purposely lost weight.”

“Twenty pounds in nine months?”

“Actually, I lost twenty pounds IN January.

He checked his files once more. I hadn’t seen someone look so worried for literally no reason. It made me ponder how those around me perceived me during a panic attack.

“And you’ve lost this weight since January?”

Okay, I’ll prevent you from an embolism. “Yes, since January.”

He immediately “found a code” to order the blood work, and off I went, away from that place as fast as humanly possible. What a waste of time. Well, at least I got the bloodwork.

Later in the day, I was able to get my tires replaced (Thank God for the planned savings over the past few months) and it was here that a rewrite of my current script began.

But that’s not food related! Back to the Whole30!

How much weight did I lose?

…Eh, not much. I haven’t been to the gym as much as I had during the Whole30 in January.


-April 25th — 209.2 lbs.

-May 2nd — 206.4 lbs.

-Tuesday, May 8th: 202.6 lbs.

-Wednesday, May 16th: 199.2

-Wednesday, May 23rd: 199.6

-Tuesday, May 29th: 198.6.

-Wednesday, June 6th: 200.0

-Wednesday, June 13th: 199.6

-Wednesday, June 20th: 199.6

Again, it’s more about how you feel on this diet than it is to lose weight. And I’m fairly close to my ideal weight anyway. Maintaining is NOT a bad thing!

Until next week!

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-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)

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