Week Three Recap – #Whole60

Aside from the Whole30/Whole60, I found that water is the key to feeling healthy. It’s truly the elixir of life. They say that when the body indicates that it’s thirsty, you are already at the point of dehydration.

I try to circumvent any feelings associated with dehydration– such as dizziness, fatigue, or dry mouth (to name a few)– by drinking as much water as my stomach will allow at any given moment, especially when I am on set.

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While working on a production, I usually drink anywhere from ten bottles to upwards of sixteen on the scorching days. I mark each bottle with a number to keep track, and I recycle every single one.

The old adage was to drink sixty-four ounces of water a day or eight, eight-ounce glasses. Those recommendations have been adjusted recently and vary based on myriad factors such as temperature, physical exertion, or weight (to name a few). For example, on set, if I were to only drink sixty-four ounces a day (just under four 16.9-ounce bottles), I would experience dizziness, a massive headache, and would likely pass out.

Water also helps with informing your body that you’re full and content. If I drink water with every meal, it helps send the signal to my mind that I’ve had enough to eat. This is especially true when you eliminate artificial & added sugar from your system (sugar is known to give you cravings that resemble hunger).

Ok, enough water-logging this post…

What do I weigh this week? (Don’t worry, I rolled my eyes at that joke too.)

-April 25th — 209.2 lbs.

-May 2nd — 206.4 lbs.

-Tuesday, May 8th: 202.6 lbs.

-And Wednesday, May 16th: 199.2

Ten pounds in twenty-one days isn’t a lot, but again, it’s not about the weight for me. I know, “You’re on a diet, but don’t care about losing weight?!”

No, Voice In My Head. I started the Whole60 (just like I did with the Whole30) to feel better. So, couple that with proper water intake, and I’m as sound as a pound, baby.


-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)

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