Week One Recap – #Whole60

I’ve found that when beginning the #Whole30 (or #Whole60), I tend to experience a moment of regression; my energy dips lower than before, my body cleanses itself, and I reemerge on the other side, dreaming of food. Well, the conjurings of my mind can’t test me more than Disneyland Park food… Boy, amusement parks aren’t made for us Whole30 folk. Did I succeed in evading my urges?

And how much do I weigh one week in?

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I thoroughly enjoy the satiation I experience when I eat food on the Whole30. That was one thing that I missed pre (and post) Whole30. When I introduce sugars and empty carbs in my diet, my body craves them more, so even the slightest trace of their presence causes an unsatisfactory feeling with food.

Melissa and Dallas Hartwig mention this feeling in their book. Their objective was to change our relationship with food, and our perception of it is key to that goal. If we eat to indulge, and not focus on nourishment, then we lose sight of the fundamental function. Yet, they also know that dieting is hard, so they offer us balance via tasty ways in which to eat healthily.

And yes, again, my enjoyment of fruits, vegetables, meat, and nuts & seeds is a clear advantage in the field of eating towards a lifestyle change, but you can always find something in this food experiment that fits your personal liking. The key is to shape the Whole30 to your individual flavor profile. But don’t be afraid to try new foods; you may find a new favorite!

Okay, enough preaching; sermon over.

In my initial weigh-in on April 25th, I weighed 209.2 lbs. Today, one week later, I weigh 206.4 lbs.

I enforce a rule that I weigh myself at around the same time every day that I weigh-in. The science behind the body states that our mass tends to fluctuate around two pounds every day. By sticking to a specific timeframe (and of course, using the same scale), you can get a better approximation of your actual weight.

My weight was difficult to maintain as I went to Disneyland with my cousin’s family and his daughter, my goddaughter. I cannot believe how difficult it was to eat healthy in a theme park (this was my first visit to a major theme park ever).

At every turn in Disneyland, there were churro stands, cotton candy kiosks, and corn dog vendors. It was worse when visiting an actual “restaurant;” there was pizza, fried chicken, burgers, and “Galactic shakes.” The only option for me was a salad with grilled chicken. I asked for one without feta cheese, and they informed me that they were pre-made. Luckily, they had other dressing options, because I had to scrape the feta cheese from the dish. At least the vegetables were fresh.

The key to surviving places like Disneyland is to bring your own food. To my credit, I did carry in some food: an apple, some strawberries, a portion of pistachios, and some hemp seeds, but it plainly wasn’t enough. If you’re traveling to one of these places, make sure to bring substantial meals! Prep ahead of time! It’ll save you from drowning in a sea of sugar!

Until next Wednesday, keep at it fellow Whole30 brethren! You can do this, and you will! Share your own success stories of willpower below!

Have a great day!

-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)

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