One Year in Los Angeles

One year. It’s been one year since I moved out west. Okay, so truth be told, I moved into my first apartment on November 8th but I’d rather not be linked to that day for obvious reasons. No, November 6th was the first day I laid my head down in California.

I’d beaten the dead horse ad-nauseam in regards to my unhappiness living in Maine (and after… AND AFTER) but it was on this day last year that I finally began my new life propelled by positivity.

It appears that late October/ early November is a time of great change for me. Four years ago, I was shooting The Tale of the Three Brothers and simultaneously realizing that my marriage was over. Two years ago, I quit my longtime job at EMMC and began at Verizon. And last year, I moved across the country in pursuit of my future.

I had decided to chronicle my journey via the miniseries I dubbed: The Wayward Traveler Chronicles. I am so thankful for all of those with which I shared my last moments as I made my way down and out of New England. Special thanks to you all: Tony, Sarah, Justin, Mike, Ellis, Chelsea, Kevin, Kylie, Kameron, Madison, and Connor for the time that we spent.




This trek was crucial to my survival; I hated myself and my history of jobs and took the first step towards being happy with myself.

Here’s what has changed since I moved a year ago:

My trek across the country was fueled by junk. I punished my body by acquiring sustenance through the most devious means.  Now, a year later, I eat as healthy as possible and go to the gym every day that I’m able.

A year ago, I was filled with a cornucopia of senses: hope, dread, fear, anxiety, and empowerment. Now, I am – nearly- exclusively sided with only the same positive attributes.

Back then, I struggled to pay my bills for the month using what little I had left to pay my hospital bills. Now, I’m more broke than ever before and yet, I’m happier than any other moment in my life. Well, almost. Let’s put it this way: I LOVE MY JOB and that’s the most important thing so far. I NEVER had a problem working my butt off from the bottom of the ladder but I had to work up the right corporate ladder.

A quick recap of my first ten days isn’t going to cut it this time; instead, here’s the first year of my life out here in a concise nutshell:

It sure did.
  • I moved into a temporary apartment in the Beverly Grove area.
  • I worked some freelance editing gigs for a friend’s friend.
  • I joined Film Independent and met my first friends out here.
  • I got work from said friends.
  • My podcast was revived with help from Tim and Alex and continued on.
  • I applied for – and received – a part-time job as an assistant to a film producer. I began in December.
  • In January, I worked for the producer’s friend (a talent manager) as an office assistant.
  • That lasted three months (the stress was killing me) and so I quit, deciding to drive for Uber instead. I had heard that Lyft was better to drive for and so, I signed up for that later (SPOILERS: It is better).
Final VS
An unused Photoshop from a post I planned to write comparing the two.
  • I fell into a deep depression and worried about being unable to get my start out here.
  • I met an amazing woman named Michelle (via my friend Mike) who gave me my first break in television production.
  • I worked thirty days on American Horror Story.
  • I’ve worked on several other projects since.
  • I decided that the podcast, Not Quite Hollywood, and the YouTube show, We Need Movies, were too much for me to handle and so I put an end to them.
  • My goal currently is to finish My Cancer Story‘s first draft by year’s end and then work on the rewrite (to be completed by my birthday, June 25th).


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Here’s to many more fruitful years.


-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)

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