mother! We Need Movies Review

Jamie takes a look at the controversial film, mother! in his TIMELY review. Major spoilers from 2:07-7:35! I URGE you to watch the film before spoiling it for yourself. Seriously, go in knowing as little as possible.

Thanks to Collider for a great SPOILER-LADEN piece on the themes of the movie.

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Brigsby Bear Review – We Need Movies

*Watch it before it leaves the theaters!

Jamie reviews the Sundance darling (did I just write that?!) co-written by and starring Kyle Mooney (of Good Neighbor and SNL fame).

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72- Nostalgia Be Damned

The two guests on today’s show are from the titular podcast, Nostalgia Be Damned! Brandon (former guest and co-host of We Need Movies with Jamie) and Zach Warren graciously let Jamie crash their podcast and record a special segment during Jamie’s surprise visit to the East Coast.

The guys simply discuss the lone topic: What is nostalgia? Where does it come from? And why do we feel it? A fitting topic considering Jamie’s run of #52PickUp from this very show.


Nostalgia Be Damned (Starts at 00:00)

A Special Announcement and Jamie’s Communal for Episode 73 (24:49)

Plugs & Close (26:01)

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Average Joe’s Drive-In Podcast

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My Gameplan for the Rest of 2017

You know amidst the ever-flowing changes of life, some things take a backseat. And while these changes can be inexplicably altering, they too can prohibit one from properly expressing his or her self in their typical way.

If you haven’t heard already, I’ve been working on a television show. Many of my readers are people I know and so to the dozens of you, this comes as no surprise. But to those of you who may only know me from this blog, I have been neglecting you… and myself.Read More »

Sleeping on a Purple Mattress (A Review)

*Before you ask, no, the mattress isn’t purple in color.*

*Also, I have NOT been endorsed by the Purple Mattress Company in any way, this is an impartial review (but I would totally take them up on it).*

I haven’t slept on a real mattress since I moved out West to Los Angeles in early November. For the first few months, I slept on a futon that my temporary roommate had in her apartment.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it was a comfy-ass futon, so that was NOT a problem. But when I ventured out into an actual rental with my new roommate, I spent the past month on the floor with only a custom-knit throw blanket my grandmother made me, and a brand new pillow from Target. I didn’t know when I’d ever get a bed.Read More »