My Gameplan for the Rest of 2017

You know amidst the ever-flowing changes of life, some things take a backseat. And while these changes can be inexplicably altering, they too can prohibit one from properly expressing his or her self in their typical way.

If you haven’t heard already, I’ve been working on a television show. Many of my readers are people I know and so to the dozens of you, this comes as no surprise. But to those of you who may only know me from this blog, I have been neglecting you… and myself.

It’s hard to mentally express myself when I work twelve to fourteen and a half hours a day. I really love what I do – and I hope that it pays enough to stop driving for Lyft on a regular basis – but I feel partially empty when I can’t write a calculated #ConTENder post or make a review for a new film on our YouTube channel, We Need Movies. But I want you all to know, that these missing pieces of my life weigh heavily on me and my conscience and I plan on rectifying them soon enough.

A lot of my time not working while driving Lyft or on the show is split between trying to keep my body in shape; by working out or sleeping way more than I should or by making excuses as to why I absolutely can’t film a review for We Need Movies. I do spend quite a bit more time than I’d like to admit on editing the podcast, Not Quite Hollywood, and I have found myself struggling to get a single chapter of My Cancer Story up in one week, but I have some goals that I would like to announce here.

  1. I plan on making a video a week for We Need Movies. These may not always be reviews, but I want to continue to address our audience weekly. I would also like to explore films that many people (and your favorite reviewers) may not be discussing at the moment. This is where my location (perpetually sunny Los Angeles) helps me see films much earlier than the rest of the country.
  2. I had wanted to finish the first draft of my book by the end of the calendar year, 2017, and I still aim to achieve this lofty goal. I’ve estimated I still have around thirty-five chapters left, but I may very well have a total of around one hundred to finish my tale. As I had alluded to in Chapter 55, there is a dormant fear that this documentation is the end of my journey and that if I finish the book, I may die early in some freak medical accident. Yes, I have terribly irrational fears, but I know many of you read weekly and myriad more don’t read weekly because you anticipate the completed works. Well, I simply cannot finish the book at the chapter a week click that I’ve been releasing them at by year’s end. So I will write in advance of the weekly release and build a buffer between what you see every Monday and which chapter I am actually writing. I will continue to press on every week and only reread the chapter before publishing for any glaring errors. You will still get the raw first draft and this method should prevent any more delays.
  3. I will one day write a blog post (or series) about my time working on this Hollywood Television Production. I can’t guarantee when, but I would say within a few months, this might be a possibility. So please, stay tuned.
  4. And finally, I had hoped to do more one-offs (not so dissimilar to this) where I could simply write about something then call it a day. Partially, to work on my brevity (which has been a bane of my existence [see above]), but also, to keep the creative juices flowing.


That’s it! I hope you continue to read this blog, listen to the podcast, and watch our reviews! Feel free to offer any questions or comments below!

-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

-Arthur Szathmary

P.S. This is a great site; the Snopes of quotes.

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