Ten Things That Happened in Ten Days of L.A.

You would think that these ten days crawled by, as I really didn’t have a job, or you might be thinking that “He must feel so out of place there.” Well, if you thought either one of those thoughts, then you’d be wrong.

The key from my Airbnb in Whitter.

Here are ten things that happened to me in the ten days I’ve been in Los Angeles (in chronological order):

1. — I Was Able to Experience New Foods

This sounds trivial, but there were some things I had hoped to try when I arrived on the West Coast. The most prominent of which was:

It’s about time.

After my attempts at Sonic or Carl’s Jr. while on the road, I was tired of chain restaurants. That was until I had a few days of cleansing and went to Jack In the Box and Fat Burger. Mmm Hmm.

Then I was able to try more local fare like Plancha Tacos and the Corner Bakery Cafe.

All in all, Los Angeles has some amazing food options, but so far, their “coffee” is disgusting.

2. — I Found an Apartment.

The prospects for living arrangements weren’t looking too good; before arriving in California, I was combing through the posts for roommates and studio apartments in an LA Housing Facebook page, and after seeing others post “Rent to Me” mini-bios, I figured it was worth a shot.

I got a few hits, but it was one from a lady in the music business that was the most promising. We met for an initial meet and greet at a coffee shop, and then she showed me the place. I took the room because it was a great fit and we got along great. I moved in the next day, amidst the Election Day frenzy.

The craziest thing was that when I asked why my roommate responded to my post, she mentioned that she never reaches out to people, and didn’t even need to rent the room out at all. It’s mostly for up-and-coming musicians that need a place to crash for a few months.

Eddie Murphy comes to mind.

3. — I Have a Friend in LA, and He Works for Riot Games

I had expected that I would be alone in Los Angeles until I made new friends, but then I received a message from my friend, Justin, with whom I’d lost touch over the past eight years or so.

In that time, he had acquired a job in Southern Maine for a company, then later got hired at Riot Games (the makers of League of Legends [the biggest game in the world]), and he’s been here for two years.

He invited me over to show me a tour of the facility. I could only show you the entrance here, however, as I signed an NDA.


I’ve been there twice now, and it’s such a great environment. So much fun.

4. — I’ve Been to Many Movie Theaters

Since being in Los Angeles, I’ve been able to watch new releases in amazing formats like Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk in 120 frames per second, and in this amazing theater:


Or this one for Arrival:


As a film buff, it’s been a fantastic opportunity to experience these ornate structures that display the films in which I love.

5. — I Was Finally Able to Witness Live Shows or Podcasts I’ve Adored

I’d been listening to Doug Loves Movies since 2011 (and had caught up from late 2009’s backlog), so I had heard about his Cinefamily Benson Interruptions. It’s almost exactly like  Mystery Science Theater 3000 or their off-shoot, Rifftrax. So as soon as I stayed in Whittier, I bought tickets for both the Interruption and the next day’s taping of DLM.


The Benson Interruption featured Rory Scovel, Brendan Walsh, and Martha Kelly.


6. — I Worked My First Freelance Job Ever (In my field)

Yes, that’s right, I didn’t work potato harvest, I edited film. I’m working some freelance gigs with a small production company while I search for a more permanent job. This company has been creating a lot of narrative commercials for fashion companies but is branching out into more exciting original content. The couple who runs it is extremely generous and helpful in their collaboration with me.

A bonus was that I was able to edit videos that they had shot of Mandy Moore (what a world this is). I grew up fawning over her.

7. — I’ve Got to Experience the “L.A. Nightlife”

I got to see an up and coming band who in my mind with undoubtedly go far in their career. The band is called Liinks, and here’s a sample:



I’ve been able to enjoy the myriad types of vegetation that this area has to offer:


8. — Film Independent

After the first day on the editing job, I was reminded of the Film Independent Open Forum, a place where FIND members can meet and connect. The forum was being held… THAT DAY! Wednesday! So I signed up right before entering and met with a whole bunch of cool filmmakers, composers, and editors.

The greeting by Josh Welsh, President of FIND.

9. — I Lost My Car

I have to park on the street, so sometimes when I come home late, I have to park pretty far away (around half a mile), which is fine; I don’t mind walking. But Wednesday night, I had to park on 4th street (the next street over); I was sure of it. I remember specifically walking back listening to the very episode of Doug Loves Movies of which I was a part, and walking over the unbalanced sidewalks.

My goal was to mail something to my friend, so I decided that after a good morning of productivity, I would get out of the house and drive to the post office. I searched for my car. I went all the way up 4th and… nothing. Then I went back down my street, then up again, and back and forth and back and forth. I remember parking next to a sign that had been partially obstructed so I searched for that.

Then I pulled my keys out and continually pressed the ‘LOCK’ button so that my car would chirp its “Polo.” Nothing.

I came to the conclusion that I must have forgotten my placard in the window and that I was towed. At least I could call them in the meantime of perusing the streets in search of the lost vehicle.

I called the LADOT. They forwarded me to the towing company for that area. So I called that company. They didn’t tow that area. So they gave me the number of the company that did. Then the next said the same, and the next, until finally, they gave me the number for the police.

By this point I’m worried. What if someone stole it? I’m sure that I passed the area in which I would have parked, so where the hell is it?

I go back to the apartment, get hydrated, then decide, screw it: I’ll walk straight up and down one road at a time. So I got up my street, the entire street, and notice that at the very end, my car is sitting there. I didn’t remember that I found a spot up here because I was remembering the previous night’s parking spot. I felt like an idiot.

10. — The Jackie Screening

At the Film Independent Forum they had talked of a screening of the movie, Jackie at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), but tickets were sold out.

“They’re always sold out. People like getting stuff for free, but most of the time don’t need both tickets, or they don’t go at all.”

Good enough for me; I decided to try to go to it. I arrived at the Museum hoping to get in early enough for the rush line to the screening because I was told also that as long as you’re in that line, you should be able to get in.

So I got lost (again), but it was definitely because of the flow of the museum, and not my stupidity this time. I asked the ticket booth to point me in the direction of the rush line but said he had one ticket on standby still.

Of course, I took it!

Good thing too.

I met some more cool FIND members and sat next to one that I had met the prior evening, she was obsessed with Natalie Portman, so she was naturally ecstatic to be there. Her boyfriend? Eh, he didn’t mind it.


Then the film began. It was a pretty cool film, especially since the score was so unnerving and different than what you might expect for that type of genre. For the record, the composer Mica Levi (who composed one of my favorites, Under the Skin).

Then the producer Mickey Liddell and star Natalie Portman came out for a Q&A!!!



So there you have it! Ten things that happened to me in the ten days since I’ve been in Los Angeles!

I hope you enjoyed reading!

-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)



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