“What’s With the Name” -The Writer’s Mind

Sometimes I find myself wondering if anyone out there who reads this series asks: “What does The Writer’s Mind even mean?” Well the shortest answer is here. Which is just me explaining what it actually means.

But the title “The Writer’s Mind” leaves one to assume that either-

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“Sonder” -The Writer’s Mind

Have you ever experienced: Sonder? This is the term coined by John Koenig as someone you may meet in your life, if only for a moment, that you may never see again. You become this small blip in their lives, such as a person passing by them in their car, or a background character you fixate on behind the person with which you are conversing as you formulate your thoughts in a café.

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“The Grey Year and LCD Soundsystem” -The Writer’s Mind

It’s 10:38 PM on Thursday, August 20th, 2015: My day off.

I just got back from the gym at work. I listened to LCD Soundsystem’s “Home” there and back. I wore a gray shirt, grey undershirt, my gray Nike sneakers, and grey shorts. Four shades of grey for what seems to be a metaphor in a movie scene. This moment in my life, this past year has been a grey area. I’m in stasis; in the middle of something scary, and something big.

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Self-Fulfilling Prophecy- “The Writer’s Mind”

It’s been weird as of late. My perception of events has been skewed towards the negative. I find myself constantly daydreaming like usual, but the outcomes are always sad or fall into the macabre. It’s as if my life is one big joke; “This bad thing happens, bad luck here, bad luck there etc.

And I forget my teachings from my Interpersonal Communications class, namely the lesson of self-fulfilling prophecies. The best way to describe this idea is to give an example.

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F My Nursehole- “The Writer’s Mind”

First off, yeah, dirty title. But go on Youtube and search for that (somehow on the second page of results). It’s been a secret keyword for all of The Guttersnipes videos ever since I’d posted the very first one. It’s also my first mention on the podcast Game Scoop! (here’s the story) in which I told my Knockin Boots tale that led to that phrase.

Ok, now onto the newest Writer’s Mind. On second thought, that title may have been a huuuge stretch. Read More »