“What’s With the Name” -The Writer’s Mind

Sometimes I find myself wondering if anyone out there who reads this series asks: “What does The Writer’s Mind even mean?” Well the shortest answer is here. Which is just me explaining what it actually means.

But the title “The Writer’s Mind” leaves one to assume that either-

A. I’m pretentious as fuck since I didn’t call it A Writer’s Mind;

or B. This notion of a wandering mind is an exclusive trait of writers.

So I must stress that B is exactly the reason. But the definition of a writer is where we need to focus.

A writer is anyone whom can create a scenario in their minds; let a story wander and unfold. Anyone who accuses their partners of cheating do this. Whether or not they’re right, they’ve created an elaborate possible through-line for the story of their cheating to occur. I’ve been there, and that particular version of a wandering narrative is not ideal.

Then there are those who people-watch. They sit in a public area and just observe the bustling crowd and wonder- “What’s their life like?” Possibly at that moment they experience Sonder and/or create a plot for that person’s day-to-day routine in an effort to understand that random stranger’s gait or mannerisms.

And let’s not get into the people who daydream, because that right there proves my point: Almost everyone daydreams at some point- For prospective futures, for a new child, for a better life. Daydreams are either the anticipation of the unknown or the escape from the mundane.

Whatever the scenario, and however people write in their minds these people create this fictitious “outlier branches” (That was for the few of you who didn’t click the shortest way earlier).

I guess it’s funny how this post was initially meant to clarify the name in which I used to call the series, yet now, with my wondering if people read into the name differently, this has also become a proper entry into the sneak peek of my mind: The Writer’s Mind.

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