Update #2- #DLMChallenge

At one point my uncertainty in completion of the challenge was palpable, and now as I find myself closing in on par day by day (as of press time eleven behind), I now find the task of blogging about every entry insurmountable.

So much so in fact, that I dread opening up this WordPress blog so that I see the little, two-digit number staring me in the face.

Therefore I will stop consistent blog entries for the challenge and will instead write about the ones in which I feel passionately about- both positively and negatively.

As a reader you’ll now see quite a jump in numbers, but don’t be alarmed. Not that the three of you who read this would.

I truly wanted to write an entry about every single movie in this challenge, but between work, other writing projects, my garden, and the #DLMChallenge itself, it would be a drain of my creative juices and I would much rather hit 365 blog posts by writing my challenging and rewarding works.

Now having said all of that, this will not be the only entertainment series that I do on this blog, so stay tuned.

When not giving up on his goals, Jamie writes other things such as his newly-formed Smash Bros. Fan Fiction- Smashed Into Oblivion and most recently a post about potential new DLC for Super Mario Maker.

And to learn more about the DLM Challenge— Click here.

Follow me on Twitter where you can see my continued efforts in the #DLMChallenge.


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