After the Rain- “The Writer’s Mind”

I walk to work every day. Naturally, on days that might call for rain, I bring my umbrella along for the ride. Some days however, I forget it on the top of the lockers. Not during the obvious rainstorms, mind you, just when it appears nice outside. Well, recently during a spotty rainstorm, I forgot my umbrella at work.

I didn’t need it to get home, but soon after, the skies opened up with thunderous rain.

I live close by, so during a break in the storm, I decided to grab it before the next day’s walk. So I trudge my way through puddles still lingering after an hour of remission, and I’m nearly at the hospital when some man in a car on an intersecting road yells: “What’s the matter with you? Don’t you know it’s raining?!”

Now, I’m across the street, but I’m the only one walking on the street. At that moment, I though to myself “don’t you know that it’s not raining?” I mean, this guy is in a car, you think he would see any sort of droplets on his windshield.

What’s worse is he yelled this at me. I know he did, because all of his windows were closed, but I could still hear him as clear as day. This got me thinking–

What compelled this man to yell at a random pedestrian? Did he just get in a fight with a loved one? Did he lose his wife to rain?

“Oh what a wooooorld…”

And furthermore, what does he care if I’m walking in the rain (which I clearly am not), does he need to tell others the weather and what their resulting actions should encompass?

Do I ever get mad at people like that? I sure as hell hope I don’t. Unless of course I have no filter and/or common sense, then you’ll get yelled at when you only cross the crosswalk during the limited “walking guy” symbol. Just fucking cross when the coast is clear already!

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