Update #1- #DLMChallenge

The #DLMChallenge has been a great way to catch up on the films that I’ve missed or classics that always tend to get that visceral response of “How could a movie buff like you not see ___?!” 

The challenge is also incredibly stressful. I started the challenge on January 15th with Gone Girl (Europa Report just happened to be the first new movie of the year) and really applied a concerted effort the last few days of that month.

Then I decided to write a short blog post on each film I watch with crediting the filmmakers and actors along with the writers and cinematographers who I feel do not get enough credit. This also proved immensely overwhelming as I am a third of the way through the list (Just posted entry #38, currently up to #95).

If I were to make it to the end of June with around 183 titles, I would be caught up. That’s– fuck. That’s a lot.

Now the major benefit I have compared to… for example Doug Benson’s own challenge, is that I have some serious gaps in my film watching history. Classics like The Fisher King, Dead Poets Society, Donnie Brasco, Cliffhanger, High Fidelity, Jacob’s Ladder, The Poltergeist (I’ll see how much of a “classic” they truly are soon enough), and so many more are going to comprise my list. I won’t have to play the guessing game.

Ready for a seriously dated and specific reference?

This reminds me of Scott Bromley who when at IGN and during the Trophy Whore Wars, won handily because

A) He’s a competitive motherfucker

B) He never played any of the amazing games of the time, so he was able to rack up huge numbers in that month and NOT be forced to play Hannah Montana games.

Therefore my list (however long it will be) will be loaded with quality titles.

So this is my dilemma (No, I probably won’t watch The Dilemma), but I remain diligent and steadfast. I’ll hopefully pass Doug within the next month.

Good luck to all who are also taking the challenge!

Follow me on Twitter to watch my #DLMChallenge grow @GuyOnAWire.

And to keep up with Scott’s antics these days follow him as part of “The Greatest Podcast Made By Human Beings on the Planet Earth,” —The Comedy Button. But seriously it is my absolute favorite podcast.

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