The Trip to End All Trips- “The Writer’s Mind”

When one walks through the journey of life, there will always be risks and dangers around every corner. And in my case, I can’t help but fall into a mental wormhole of… well, falling.

I trip on things sometimes. Every time I trip, whether the culprit be shaggy rug, uneven pavement, or even my other foot, I think to myself and most times say verbally: “Oh shit, oh shit.”

“This is it, the moment I fall flat on my face.” Then I catch my balance and all is right with the world.

But then I get thinking: Inevitably as I get older, these motor skills will fail me and I will find myself face first on the pavement.

Hell it could even cause me to break a hip or worse.

(Note to self: I must remember to pull my leg up high enough to cover any terrain I might encounter).

But until then, if you ever see me walking in the wild and I happen to trip… Look at my face, it’ll be worth a laugh.

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