Power Cycle- “The Writer’s Mind”

I don’t feel human today.

It happened about an hour ago when I spiraled into a crazed thought process. My recent lack of productivity and concentration had me researching early onset alzheimer’s and delving into disorders like aphasia (the inability to recall certain words during conversation) which I feel like I have.

I swear a writer’s mind = hypochondria. I don’t know if other writer’s out there experience similar panic attacks or symptom checks on WebMD, but I sure do.

I’ve been downtrodden with my current rut of work, an useless roommate, and lack of productivity. Add to the fact that my DLMChallenge is taking its toll of hours out of my routine and I’m left with an empty brain.

The Writer’s Mind switched on: I’m being controlled, forced through an endless loop of mediocrity. My talents diminishing rapidly as I wither away at a job I cannot stand and my soul weeps.

I’m a test subject. I swear. 

Then my rationality returns. The Writer’s Mind strikes again. Taking me through a thought tree of creative anarchy.

Maybe I need a Power Cycle; A hard reboot. Then again, maybe my wiring got crossed when they tinkered with my brain during the wee hours of this morning.

Or I still just need a new job.

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