New (and Recurring) Series in 2017

As my second year of writing on the blog comes to a close, I’m grateful to all of you out there who have supported me by reading the blog, commenting, and helping it grow from its meager beginnings to a mildly more popular site. I shattered my old view count for 2015, I intend to once again double the views from the previous year; which will be an astonishing goal to reach. Here are my views for the year 2016:



Which Series Are Returning?

My Cancer Story

Of course, this crucial part of my life and its documentation will continue into 2017. I hope this will be the year that the first draft is complete so I can begin the rewrite and release it as an autobiographical novel. This is one of my main goals for the New Year.


This was one of my favorite additions to the blog of late. As 2015’s #DLMChallenge drew to a close, I was looking for other ways to continue to provide content for films that I liked. I had begun a hopeless attempt to write up a post about each and every film I watched in this challenge, but at 368 total films; it would have been a logistical nightmare.

But #ConTENders was a way for me to chime in on potential films in my Top Ten list (coming soon!) of the year in real-time. It was a fun experiment to see how that list evolved over the year, and it’s something that I definitely will continue in 2017.

Not Quite Hollywood (Also On iTunes)

Another surprise of 2016 was the beginning of two very important media outlets for me and my friends; the first of which is our podcast, Not Quite Hollywood. My two co-hosts may have changed, but still, expect us to deliver podcast week after week discussing the ins and outs of Hollywood and our thoughts on the films of 2017.

We Need Movies (Also on YouTube)

The other pivotal element for me, We Need Movies, will continue in its current configuration (for the time being). We have plans for expanding content in the New Year and hope to be in the same area again to get back in front of the camera, together.


This almost didn’t make the cut. At the end of 2015, I contemplated doing the #DLMChallenge again but realized how much of a time sink that had become.

So I figured, hey, one film a week = one post a week. Done. Well, these too quickly fell behind and I had to rush to get caught up. Here’s my behind the scenes back and forth:

When it was cancelled: I could have easily expanded this series to last two more full years, as I grew up around a lot of classic (and not so classic) films, but it was something that, as the year progressed, felt more and more like a chore rather than an analysis of my childhood film-watching.

Now: Bring it on. I have a lot more childhood favorites that are sure to be shitty. The gamut this year will focus on direct-to-video, comedies, and the 90s. Stay tuned.


What’s NEW?

I plan on developing new content besides the aforementioned returning favorites. After seeing Paterson, I might delve back into poetry, but it’s been years since I’ve written any, so only time will tell.


Which Series Are NOT Returning?


Alas, this is a series that never got off of the ground. I had plans to catch up on all of these TV shows that I never got to experience because I “had more time available” since the #DLMChallenge was complete. But I quickly filled that time with scriptwriting, the aforementioned My Cancer Story, We Need Movies, and Not Quite Hollywood. Then I was fortunate enough to work as a director for a short film before I left for Los Angeles.

So in short, I still had no time for this series, and I’m not sure if it will come back in a following year; only time will tell.


Nope, I’m not doing this ever again. No way.

Here’s to a wonderfully productive 2017!

-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)

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