My 2020 Goals

I know I said in last year’s post that 2019 was going to be my biggest year yet, and while it was indeed the biggest year ever, 2020 will be even better. Just like last year, I’ve outlined my goals below to make 2020, The Year of the Gagnon.

Here we go:

  1. Publish my Novel. 
    Yes, you read that right. The same first goal as last year. In 2019, I wrote my third draft and had some readers provide constructive criticism. Now, I’m ready to tackle my Fourth Draft, but this one will prove to be the most difficult yet. If you didn’t know about My Cancer Story, then you soon will. By year’s end, I will have published this firsthand novel about battling cancer and resetting priorities to those of a more appreciative and determined lifestyle. Cancer changes things, especially your perspective. And yes, if you’ve read the 2019 post, self-plagiarism is a real thing. The goal still holds true and so do the words.

  2. Write Five Screenplays.
    Yup, you also read that right. The same second goal of 2019 too. I will count my pilot and its bible (adapted from one of my old features) as one of these projects. So that’s one. Then my friend and writing partner, Brandon, and I are still working on the one from last year. I plan to also write two more of my own, and another with my other writing partner, Kevin. So, to recap, The pilot, two more of my own, one with Brandon, and one with Kevin. I’ll say it again: This is the year we sell something.

  3. Get Hired as a Writers’ Assistant.
    The next step in my career path is to become a Writer’s Assistant. I know, this would be early considering I’m about to pass a solitary year of Writer’s PA gigs, but if I was able to accelerate the Writer’s PA goal from 2019, then hopefully, I can see similar results for this next step.
  4. Visit Somewhere NEW (At Least) Three Times.
    San Francisco. Vegas. Yellowstone. Cottonwood, AZ. Not familiar with the last one? It’s a six-hour drive from LA, and it’s home to Maynard James Keenan’s Wine Room and Osteria. Plus, I love Arizona.
    The point here is that all of these destinations are only a several-hour drive away and I still haven’t been to these places. This will change this year.

  5. Strengthen This Very Blog.
    Again, the toughest out of all five goals as proven by my lack of posts in 2019. Yet, I will do better than before! I have a plan for a revamped #52PickUp Series, and I will write more about the films and the thoughts that shape me as 2020 progresses. Plus, you’ll get updates on My Cancer Story!  In March, I will be celebrating my fifth anniversary, so I want to keep this blog going.

  6. BONUS: Find Someone With Which to Share It All.
    I almost had this connection in 2019, but now, I’d like to really find someone to spend the little time left over in my busy workdays (exact amount negotiable, of course). There isn’t much I can do besides putting myself out there, and I have been already. Time will tell.

And there you have it. Here are my five goals for 2020. Which one do YOU find more feasible? I, for one, believe each and every goal to be as feasible as I will allow.

Success is measured by one’s achievements, but those achievements can only be reached by working your ass off. And I’m a stickler for never allowing myself to enjoy the accomplishments, only lamenting what I didn’t do. That’ll change. You know what?

     7. BONUS Bonus Goal: Celebrate the wins, no matter how small.
There, that’s better.

Here’s to hard work, and having a blast doing it.

-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)

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