My 2019 Goals

2019 will be my biggest year yet. I’ve outlined a few goals to ensure this, and most of them revolve around writing.

UPDATE 1/14/20: How did I do?

EDIT: Completed one goal already (see below).

Here we go:

  1. Publish my Novel. 
    Yes, you read that right. If you didn’t know about My Cancer Story, then you soon will. By year’s end, I will have published this firsthand novel about battling cancer and resetting priorities to those of a more appreciative and determined lifestyle. Cancer changes things, especially your perspective.
    Update: Sadly, I did not yet publish My Cancer Story. I finally got notes back on draft three, and I’m ready to make 2020 the target for this goal.

  2. Write Five Screenplays.
    Yup, you also read that right. I have begun the first two of this goal already, one on my own, and one with my friend and writing partner, Brandon. We, alone, have set a goal to write three this year, and I think I can squeeze one more of my original ideas out on top of that. So, to recap, two of my own, and three with Brandon. This is the year we sell something.
    Update: I only wrote one during this past year with one partner, but another one has been in the works with another partner, and now, I’m developing one of my features into a television show.

  3. Get Hired as a Writer’s PA.  — COMPLETE
    Lofty, much? In June, I will have been working as a Production Assistant for two years. I plan on that milestone doubling as the end of my traditional Set PA role, and by then I will have applied to several Writer’s PA gigs. EDIT: On Monday, Jan 28th, I began my first day as a Writer’s PA on Ratched.

  4. Visit Home Twice (and Somewhere Else Once).
    My first year out here, I managed to sneak away back home a solitary time to visit my family, and I didn’t even pay for the ticket. In 2018, I was able to afford to go home twice to spend time with my family, and my nieces and nephews. The tradition of going home twice a year will continue in 2019, and I will also travel somewhere else for leisure. I’m just not yet sure of the destination.
    Update: While I did not visit any new destinations, I was able to squeeze three trips home in 2019! I was even in Bangor to ring in the New Year!

  5. Strengthen This Very Blog.
    This one may be the toughest out of all five goals, and yet, it is one that is fully within my capabilities. I had been trying to establish this blog as a source of creative and financial freedom, but so far, all of my efforts haven’t yielded the results for which I’d hoped. In March, I will be celebrating my fourth anniversary, and aside from the occasional film and Whole30 talk, I will introduce something new. Stay tuned.
    Update: Oh boy, this was the ultimate ball drop. For all of 2019, I only had SIX posts. While it may seem like it’s over for the blog, have no fear; we’re far from the death knell. This year will be different.

And there you have it. Here are my five goals for 2019. Which one do YOU find more feasible? I, for one, believe each and every one to be as feasible as I allow them.

Success is measured by one’s achievements, but those achievements can only be reached by working your ass off. Here’s to hard work, and having a blast doing it.

-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)

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