11/20/15 Part 2

Part two. Let’s talk about some bullshit. I’ve had enough of the rampant insanity on Facebook, Twitter, the News Media. Let’s start off small because God knows this is going to get big and annoying.

The cups are fucking red. You’ve been drinking out of and throwing your ping pong balls into red solo cups forever. The worst part is that I had watched a Starbucks commercial soon after this and they had holiday vomit all over it, including the words Merry Christmas on a sweater I believe.

What’s with the sensitivity? Can we just take a deep breath and realize that people are paid to design a paper cup via which we consume legal drugs out of? Since when does it matter what’s printed on the side of the cup?

Next, we have to be the dumbest people (or are controlled by some) to believe that Syria (and all of the bullshit therein) is anything new. Do we all have Alzheimer’s?! We literally have these incredibly similar scenarios ever few years now.

Why must we believe anything the news media has to say? Can we not take a few more minutes and investigate further? Are we really that busy to just be fed the “facts” spoonful after spoonful and not even question if there’s arsenic at the bottom of the spoon?

Who, what, when, where, why, and how? Did we forget some of these questions when verifying the source? Do we dare to uncover the truths?

I don’t care about the news. It’s a thing I gladly gave up years ago. So much hatred and murder, war and famine. Dying innocents and careless destruction. All for a buck; all for power. Sounds like a fun time to watch TV!

I do though honestly enjoy local news, especially during sweeps. It’s the only time you see actual investigative journalism at play. But I’ll watch it  a lá cart on their website, because I don’t have cable.

-Jamie 11/20/15



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