In a matter of speaking, I have no fucking idea what I’m about to write. I can’t even guarantee I’ll post this, or edit it (with the exception of adding the aforementioned swear).

This is just a free-form journal. Something I’d been reminded of from our Creative Writing days in high school. Because what is a blog if not a “journal.”

I’ve been listening to more music lately, and much less podcasts. I used to listen to the latter while at my old job- bending my back to its limits over an insanely loud dish machine. Those days are over and I couldn’t be more happier of that fact; it’s revelatory.

It’s weird that I don’t listen to many podcasts anymore. My backlog is growing by the day and it’s only going to get worse. Imagine if you were first introduced to a medium like television, then after years you kind of just gave up on it. That’s a weird feeling, because TV too will always have a small piece of me, but of course as I’ve stated ad nauseam, films have replaced most shows for me (That darn #DLMChallenge).

I did recently catch up on The Flash and SNL, but it felt wrong. The joy of watching continuous series really isn’t there for me anymore. However, I’ll catch myself “missing” Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or @midnight, but I still go without them. And I’m fine. While I’m sure I would enjoy them when able to watch, it’s truly immaterial.

Now this doesn’t seem to sit right… but I don’t even have something to replace it, which I think is even more weird. Once my #DLMChallenge is complete (there it is again), I’ll have more free time. And I can choose to fill it with myriad things.

I do have some blog series planned for next year, but they take time, time away from potential writing even if they themselves are exactly that. No, these things require more movie and TV show (and possibly video game) consumption. Things that ironically take me away from writing.

I sure hope that these 365 movies I’ll have watched by the end of this year are not for nothing. Good lord, I hope not. My focus needs to be on scripts.

At least I’m writing. Right at this very moment; when I was supposed to catch up on sleep. Bah, sleep’s for chumps. I’ve slept enough in my life already.

-Jamie 11/20/15



One thought on “11/20/15

  1. Good for you for posting regardless of whether you had an intention from the start. The point is you took the time to enter the space of writing. You bring up some interesting points about what we choose to fill our time with, even when we might at times miss the places we used to roam (in a mental sense). I’m curious to see what these next months of blogging will look like for you.

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