62- #DLMChallenge “St. Vincent”

For #62 of the #DLMChallenge #365moviesin365days on April 14th I watched: St. Vincent. This indie darling is quite the touching film. It’s always great to see Bill Murray on screen and in this one, he gets to have fun and act like a dick, even to a little kid (that last part’s probably not fun).

In other words, he’s a top notch character in a film full of fascinating characters and the cast does them justice. This is a great showcase for not only Murray, but Melissa McCarthy and newcomer Jaeden Lieberher.

Watch this, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Main Crew:

Cinematographer: John Lindley (Field of Dreams, Pleasantville)

Written and Directed by: Theodore [Ted] Melfi (Roshambo, Winding Roads)

Main Cast:

Bill Murray (Rock the Kasbah, The Jungle Book [2016])

Melissa McCarthy (Ghostbusters [2016], Michelle Darnell)

Jaeden Lieberher (Aloha, Masters of Sex)

Naomi Watts (The Ring, The Impossible)

Chris O’Dowd (The IT Crowd, Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel)

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