An internal struggle perpetually rages on inside of my mind. Each day I forgo any creative work or physical betterment, I end, shutting my eyes to disappointment. Even the days at which I’m able to complete one or both at some significant plateau, it’s not enough. But there are some days where I am able to complete a substantial amount of one or both that I’m able to achieve a temporary nirvana; and it’s there in that moment, that I’m truly living.

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The Glossary of an Adult

As I’ve bolstered my vocabulary exponentially over the past ten years, I’ve discovered that it is through the podcast medium from which my lexicon has benefited the most.

I’ve learned myriad words from many a podcast: Scriptnotes, Filmspotting, Good Job, Brain, and most notably from the Kinda Funny gang. Between Colin’s deep appreciation of the English language and Greg’s history in journalism and hosting, I’ve been able to see the forest through the trees.Read More »

My Year Over Year Views Just Surpassed 2015

Wow. I honestly cannot thank you all enough! I began this blog on March 14th of last year. From that point until the end of the year, I had received 1,528 views for those nine months.

This year, I evolved my content as I spoke less of the #DLMChallenge and more to my personal stories of life as a child watching movies every weekend and during my chemotherapy at the ripe old age of eighteen.

And now, in just over three months I have now beaten last year’s entire nine months of Blog life. As of press time, I am sitting at a whopping 1,570 views! This is amazing, and I couldn’t be any more happier with the feedback that I’ve been receiving!

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 1.25.19 PM

My first goal was to tie last year’s view count, and my second goal is double it at 3,056. At this rate, who knows? That number could be achieved by the end of June!

And today just so happens to be my Best DAY EVER! Okay, I need to calm down.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 1.25.01 PM

Thank you for your continuous support, it means the world to me!

-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)

Suicide Squad is Now the “Angst Army”

UPDATE 4/11/16– Director David Ayer addresses reshoot rumors.
Original Story Below— 
People were worried what the success of Deadpool and its R rating would bring to the superhero genre (me included). The fear that every film would be reactionary to said success worried fans and filmmakers alike. But one thing that no one ever expected what the negative backlash from Batman V. Superman would bring (not even Ben Affleck).
Sad-fleck as Emo Batman
My friend August will undoubtedly hate this, but I myself am at a standstill. While I think that the overtly serious tone of BVS muddied the characters and the sheer entertainment behind such a clash, the fact they have to lighten this film up due to the more fun feeling of the trailer worries me more, and for multiple reasons.

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Titular Dialogue

Have you ever watched a movie and anticipated the use of the title spoken via dialogue?

It’s been a favorite thing of mine for decades. In fact, I almost get upset when they don’t use it. Sure there are some movies like the Men in Black or Fight Club who use it all the time but it’s not about quantity, it’s about existing.Read More »

10 Cloverfield Lane Spoiler Discussion

I just came from watching 10 Cloverfield Lane (Read that how you want). I was super excited for this film, as I liked the first film immensely, and loved the marketing campaign. I mean to announce a film TWO MONTHS before its release these days is an insurmountable achievement. And that trailer… well needless to say it made me excited.

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Oscar Predictions 2016

My friends and I always predict the Oscar nominations every year, and boy oh boy is this one a doozy! Firstly, I don’t see any harsh snubs (aside from the entire black race), although as I reminisce on the year in films, I’ll undoubtedly come up with a fe– Ex Machina! Of course! That should have been nominated for Best Picture for sure, as it’s one of my Top 15 of the year. (The Next Morning–) Oh! and Sarah Silverman in I Smile Back! What the hell?!

AND, how about some of the cast from Straight Outta Compton? Ice Cube Jr. is essentially killing it as his Dad.

Now, these are my first impulse predictions of the winners.

1/2 a point if it’s one I wanted to win, a full point if I called it.

To read: The ITALICS are the films I think should win, and the BOLD are the films I believe that will win.Read More »