Suicide Squad is Now the “Angst Army”

UPDATE 4/11/16– Director David Ayer addresses reshoot rumors.
Original Story Below— 
People were worried what the success of Deadpool and its R rating would bring to the superhero genre (me included). The fear that every film would be reactionary to said success worried fans and filmmakers alike. But one thing that no one ever expected what the negative backlash from Batman V. Superman would bring (not even Ben Affleck).
Sad-fleck as Emo Batman
My friend August will undoubtedly hate this, but I myself am at a standstill. While I think that the overtly serious tone of BVS muddied the characters and the sheer entertainment behind such a clash, the fact they have to lighten this film up due to the more fun feeling of the trailer worries me more, and for multiple reasons.

Just think. DC heard the outcry of hatred from the fans (they did however still collectively roll around in mounds of money and snorted cocaine off a hooker’s ass), but are overreacting. They are now worried that the film will be too serious and are trying to lighten the mood for the general audience. Reactionary filmmaking is wrong no matter which way you slice it.
But what I’m more worried about, was the reason behind the change. No, they are changing the tone of the film to better reflect the second trailer released back in January. That means the second trailer was and currently still is a lie. They decided to craft an exciting trailer to get people’s asses in the seats in front of a screen featuring little known comic book characters by lying to them. Great work, DC.
In fact, the first trailer undoubtedly aligns more with the tone of the film. The second trailer just edits quickly to a well-known classic pop song and adds more jokes (at least they had more than one BvS…), and voila! Instant fun summer movie trailer. The trailer should definitely win some awards if the film is indeed that different.
“Okay, this is where you all look serious. Except Margot, you’re insane.”
So if it isn’t as funny as advertised, then why cut such a trailer? I feel like I’m watching one of those recut The Shining trailers where they make it look like a feel-good indie comedy.
I get it. They’re scared. And to the way we’re making movies these days; I’m scared too.

-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)

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