18- “Timecop” #52PickUp 2017

*Guys, Timecop predicted the Presidency of Donald Trump.

My love of time travel concepts goes deep. So deep in fact, that I decided to revisit a time travel movie masked as a 90s cheesy action film. Or is it the other way around? Which is it, Timecop? And are you any good still?


Timecop Poster 1
Cool poster. They must have had myriad concepts from which to choose.


Timecop doesn’t waste any time getting into the action. The film opens with a theft of Gold Buillion in the year 1863. All looks normal until the robber pulls out advanced plasma guns to wipe out the transport team. Clearly, he’s not from that time or the present day of 1994. Wait, in what year is the future of Timecop?

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14- “A Goofy Movie” #52PickUp 2017

For this week* I watched the animated father-son road trip film from Disney:

Poster 1 vhs
Oh, this cover brings back memories.

A Goofy Movie. One of the most heart-warming films about a father and son yet. Seriously. This film takes a bizarre world wherein animals are anthropomorphized and makes you care about a (for lack of a better term) goofy dog and his wannabe cool son.

A few years before this film, the show Goof Troop had launched on The Disney Channel. The show followed Goofy and his son Max, along with Goofy’s on again, off again antagonist Pete and his respective son, P.J.Read More »

52- #52PickUp and We Play A Game!

This week is interesting. Alex and I are hoping to be joined by Tim as I promised last week. Will he show?


We discuss the history of my #52PickUp webseries, how I came up with the idea, how I decided on which films to watch, and test Alex’s viewing prowess with these classic (and not-so classic) films.


Then we discuss my newest entry in 2017’s #52PickUp: Waterworld.

See all of my current films in the #52PickUp Series, and which ones I watched last year.

And finally, we play a game that you too can play! I ripped it straight from a podcast that I listen to, who, in turn, stole it from a radio show!


#52PickUp: The Shameless Topic! (Starts at 00:00)

#52PickUp– Waterworld (20:39)

Alex’s Jason and Deb’s IMDb Game (30:23)

Plugs and Close (45:02)

Listen here.

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