“The Island By The Sea” – #PoeticInJustice

The Island By the Sea


On an island with sand,

I await the water.

A ship comes in,

A dingy’s daughter.

Boarding the ship,

I turn an about-face.

Grains left on shore,

Become people in its place.

I wave like the titular motions,

In a dingy with no guide.

I sail eternal looking for an equal,

With nothing to do but bide.

The island escapes from view,

As desert becomes sea.

It is now apparent,

That land isn’t for me.

“So long Land, you never suited,”

Agreeing with the notion.

Happily searching for my tailor,

With no one but the ocean.

I continue my pleasure cruise,

Free from all the dirt.

Until the constant depths of blue reveal,

That lack of common ground is the hurt.

-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)

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