“La La Land” #ConTENders 2016

La La Land is a film that will forever be in my mind. But I hate musicals, and “Look at Me!” Hollywood Oscar contenders…

And none of that matters. La La Land is about the American Dream and fighting to achieve it while living in the great city of Los Angeles, and I can relate: I moved here five weeks ago to do just that, and I can tell you that the humor of this film, and its message resonated with me in a way I would never know if I didn’t take that trek across the country.

Now, I’ve already reviewed this film for We Need Movies, and you can see my more thorough notes there, but I need to get the word out: If you are dreaming big in your life, then there are two films you need to see this year: Don’t Think Twice, and this musical extravaganza.

One of my favorite shots.

The two leads suck you in and give you the highest of hopes for them to achieve their success and to keep their love alive, but neither of those is easy, and mixing the two tends to complicate everything to the Nth degree.

Don’t waste any more time here, go buy (or rent) Don’t Think Twice, and go to your nearest theater but be warned; make sure you bring a good pair of shoes because you’ll be tapping your toes the whole time.

-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)

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