The Digital Black Hole

It’s funny to watch yourself during a moment of absolute freedom; when I have a full day to write and be productive, and every time I research a word for a better synonym, or open my browser, instinctively (and immediately), I fall into a clickhole. I open Facebook, or YouTube, ever distancing myself from my main objective. It’s even worse when I actually need to examine one simple post from our content channels on Facebook, and rather than accomplishing that objective, I like post after post, scrolling down the infinite wall of personal expression.

We are only ever granted the here, the now; that’s all that matters in the world. So when you have the ability to utilize that ‘now,’ it transforms into the digital equivalent of wandering through a forest of family & friends and soon, I’ve wasted half an hour.


It has come to the point where I need to shut my Wi-Fi off, so that when I open a browser, or click away from my preselected tab, I’m met with a “Safari Cannot Connect to Server” rather than the distraction. This “mea culpa firewall” allows me the time to ponder whether or not I needed this bit of information, or if it’s a potential diversion, and that’s crucial to success.


As the sun loses the battle for title of “Sky God” to the moon, I’m left angered at myself for having accomplished little to nothing in a day that was free to occupy. I ruminate on the day’s events and scoff at my inability to focus, shutting the rest out, and tell myself: I’ll get it right tomorrow.


But we are never guaranteed tomorrow, and if we don’t make the best of every day as if it’s the last, then we are doomed to repeat our complacency, forever pushing the today’s tasks into tomorrow’s already full plate.

-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)

Jamie is a writer who missed writing concise one-offs, so you may see more of them. Check out his other work: His battle with cancer, a podcast about film: Not Quite Hollywood, our YouTube channel about film (but totally different): We Need Movies, and more.

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