11/29/15 “A Robot Has an IMDb Page”

…I uh… I’m not sure how to interpret this. But yes, as the clickbait title suggests, an android has an IMDb page:

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 11.26.57 AM

This is EXACTLY the thing you’d see in a movie’s opening credits as a clip leading up to the robot takeover of mankind. And leave it to Japan to create this… actress.

Reading this article and watching the included video, I imagined the future where we have hundreds of robots acting in our movies with names like Gemini F.

Imagine me writing a #DLMChallenge blog post and tagging its IMDb page? How insane. Yet, this android could be the sort of thing that truly does begin the push boundaries of what our generations would deem “odd.” In a hundred years this could be the norm and people of that time would wonder why the hell we were so freaked out by it.

These thoughts always fascinate me. Looking well beyond my years and trying to place myself in their shoes.

Then again, in a hundred years we could be the minority, and yes, they could have by then taken control. Only time will tell.


writes many different series on this blog and is nearing the end to his #DLMChallenge, so expect a massive write-up (or three) about it here.

And stay tuned as he will continue to share his thoughts in free form, day by day.


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