Walk a Mile in My (old, worn out) Shoes

This will get a little political, but bare with me.

As I mentioned before, I work in a job that doesn’t support me either financially or creatively. If it would support me enough in either regard, then it might be a reason to want to stay.

And I understand that my job as a kitchen worker for a local hospital isn’t something that should offer me either one of these important pieces of a happy workplace, but I understand that. It’s a low-end job, and they haven’t had a cost-of-living wage increase since 2008.

So what bugs me is when the nurses union “renegotiates” their contract every three years. More often than not, this results in them going on strike, costing the hospital (and in turn our bonuses and/or raises) tens of thousands of dollars to fly in traveling nurses for a total of four days.

Now I’m not necessarily disagreeing with their demands, everyone could use more benefits and more pay. What I disagree with is the entire process. It’s demeaning and insulting and makes all other employees in the system feel like third rate citizens.

I’m REALLY struggling with this lack of perspective. At my current level of pay, after being there eight years, I am considered close to poverty. And if you include all of my bills, medical and academic, I am barely able to save two pennies to rub them together.

The insurance we have is structured in a way that if you have any pre-existing condition that requires blood work and specialists, then you’ll be paying out your ass within one check-up.

After a recent call with “Account Services” regarding my newest bill, I was asked whether I ever considered trying for the hospital’s reduced pay service.

This service may forgive some or all of your debt depending on your financial circumstance. Well after submitting the paperwork, bank accounts, bills, and all, I qualified for a 50% reduction to my bills.

God, I wish I was offered this before I paid about $2,500 in medical bills over the past five years since the switch of insurance changed. The reason I never did? I thought I made too much money. HA. What a joke.

So imagine my joy when the negotiations resume and I and many other workers question the morality of their demands. The hospital turns Cold War-esque. Tensions are IMMENSELY HIGH, but no one brings it up. And If it does get mentioned, shouting matches often ensue.

Where are we currently? As of press date, an agreement has been reached, and the fervor will die down. But every three years comes a firestorm of ignorant perspectives and greedy perceptions.

I need to get the hell out of this job. ASAP.

Follow Jamie on Twitter @GuyOnAWire to give him all of the emotional support you can, or offer him a job. He’d probably take anything at this point. The corner? No, not that.

4 thoughts on “Walk a Mile in My (old, worn out) Shoes

  1. Reblogged this on Totally Inspired Mind… and commented:
    I hope Jamie finds another job soon that helps him pay his bills. I can relate to his plight because the money in SSI I got in CA was chopped to bits when I relocated to Nevada on June 11th of 2014. I fought the preexisting illness clause for years, and by accept SSI (Instead The $1000 Alimony From My Ex With No insurance) I Have my $2100 where is the medicine for epilepsy paid every month by NV Medicaid. I am living in extreme poverty though and it took a year to qualify for this horrible place I now live owned by a Slum Lord. You discover things about a place after living there for 6 months!
    I am meeting with Dina Titus to discuss raising my SSI to something to 2015’s rent, utility and other expenses reflecting reality.
    Tomorrow the exterminator is coming and the apartment owner is not willing to pay for a hotel. I am the first Tennant that complained in the 30 years this has been in existence. People take advantage of disabled people like myself and think we are desperate and won’t fight back. They don’t know me very well. I am seeking an attorney for advice and maybe calling a local news station.


  2. Good luck to you Jamie. My name is Paulette Le Pore Motzko in Las Vegas, Nevada.
    I am a professional writer, Photographer and marketing consultant. Taught piano for over 20 years. Looking forward to get out of this God forsaken neighborhood high crime areas and I’ll teach again One time living with families and students drug crazed goofballs. I have been an advocate for people with disabilities what seems like my entire life.
    Where are you located at?
    I would love to talk to you by phone some time.

    I write resumes and by reblogging your story on my most popular of my blogs Totally Inspired Mind, seen by nearly 100 countries monthly, it will hopefully shine a light on some opportunities for you.


    Paulette L Motzko


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