Lyrics- UNKLE “Country Tune” (Feat Gavin Clark)

Have you ever searched for lyrics in this day and age and come up with jack squat? I know the feeling, and that’s why I decided to listen carefully to this song and offer up the lyrics to anyone else who may desire them.

If you can help me with the last missing pieces, I’d greatly appreciate it!

This song is one of my new favorites. UNKLE is one of those bands that challenge me to expand my musical horizons. So without further ado, here are the beautiful lyrics to “Country Tune.”

UNKLE “Country Tune” Feat Gavin Clark

When I had the river,

a dream of the ocean was enough, was enough.

When I had the city,

a dream of the country was enough, was enough.

Each day, each day in a cloud.

The Rising Sun, miles out of air,

The Rising Sun, I lie awake the morning fettered.

The dream of love, oh the dreams are often better.

The dream of love, oh the dream of love, and I’d forgotten.

All day, all day in a cloud. x3

All day.

All day in a cloud. x2

In a cloud. x2

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Remember, this is crowd-sourcing for others who yearn to know these lyrics! Help me find the missing pieces!

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