New Series: “The Writer’s Mind”

The mind of a writer is a fascinating thing. Often during the development of an idea, the mind wanders in ways that don’t make sense at first. It’s like an old, lifeless tree and one giant branch jettisons out in a peculiar way that doesn’t fit with the pattern of the other limbs.

An outlier branch, if you will.

Now this branch isn’t just one shoot. It itself continues to divide in varying directions. The Writer’s Mind is like that. A seemingly mundane moment or line from a passerby causes the mind to travel up this obtuse branch, and play out differing scenarios all at once, then follow through with a selected path as the narrative branch continues its separation.

This is often why in creepy locales I tend to play out the scenario of a murderer creeping behind me, following me. My senses heighten; I switch on high alert, and look to every crevice or shadow as a potential for this wrong-doer to strike. And from there, I imagine different story elements and take the idea into a different direction.

Therefore most times when I hear a bit of dialogue from people nearby who don’t know I’m listening (Creep Factor: 10), it triggers an idea (Like a Rush of Blood to the Head), that I then flesh out and determine if it’s worth working the story beats into a full-fledged movie.

So if I was able to paint a picture for you, trusty reader, then this is what “The Writer’s Mind” Series will be about.


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