My Ever-Growing Doug Loves Movies Challenge (#DLMChallenge on Twitter)

As some of you fellow podcast listeners may know, Doug Benson is attempting what he coined the Doug Loves Movies Challenge (#DLMChallenge)

In this challenge, you must watch 365 movies in 365 days (#365moviesin365days). Now it is NOT required to watch a movie a day, as it is sometimes impossible to do so, rather you just attempt to get to 365.

The only recommendation in this challenge is to watch movies in which you have not seen before. This can be exciting, but I’ve allowed myself a few movies (#Rewatch365) to count towards the goal- yet only if I can’t remember more than one scene. Therefore, most of these films are from my childhood.

I’m doing this goal because I typically do not watch as many movies as I once used to, and because why the hell not?

Another rule in my version of the #DLMChallenge is that I MUST absolutely reach 200 films by the end of the year. Now, I know what you may saying: “That’s bullshit! Missing 165 films?! What a chode!”

First off, dude, please don’t use the word chode, those guys have it rough; and secondly, this is my bare minimum. I naturally want to succeed in this lofty goal, yet I have a reserve number much like an eBay listing.

Onward to 365!



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