What is This? Who Are You?

A Blog. Jamie Gagnon.

Oh, you’d wanted more?

Well then, let me explain. I’m an aspiring screenwriter and filmmaker.

My goals are simple:

3. To Pay Off My Debts

2. To Entertain and Amuse

1. And To Work A Job That Doesn’t Feel Like One

All I ever need in my filmmaking career is listed above. I don’t care if I’m rich, or famous (would actually prefer not to on the latter); although I suppose that it may happen and quite possibly could be necessary to continue my career path.

I just want to make content that can be enjoyed, and if nothing else, can allow a creative spark or lingering passion the ignition it needs to become a roaring fire.

I’ve spent my life in the same regard being creatively and morally stimulated by the messages films sow deep into my being that I wish to continue the crop and offer seeds for next year’s harvest (I garden so it’ll come up from time to time).

In this blog, I will share my journey: My process, my thoughts on others’ work (in which I always find the  positive), and where my own narrative leads.

I’ll speak of films, podcasts, music, and the occasional video games, although most of the latter can be found at my other blog– http://www.ign.com/blogs/gagnonawire (which features the original spelling of “GuyOnAWire”).

So if you’re here, then welcome. I know not why you chose to read this, but I look forward to mildly entertaining you here, and hopefully on some screen some day.

P.S. If you like the filthy and depraved blue humor, then I also have worked as part of a comedy troupe on Youtube: www.youtube.com/TheGuttersnipes

I miss it dearly, so if we ever do more, you’ll be the first blog to know.

Thank you friend,

Jamie Gagnon


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