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I’ve Completed the Third Draft of My Cancer Story

I’ve done it. After five painstaking months, I’ve completed the third draft of “Thank God for Cancer” (formerly My Cancer Story). If you’re a consistent reader of mine, you’ve likely noticed my absence from the blog. Now that I’m a Writer’s PA (first on Ratched, now on 9-1-1), finding free time is hard, especially when I was knee-deep into the hardest draft of any piece of written work I’ve attempted in my life.

Now, I plan on resuming a few other projects that have slowed to a crawl due to the substantial and successful rewrite I just completed.

After about a month, I’ll return to write draft four, which should prove to be just as strenuous and will likely have me questioning the book’s entire structure once more.

Now onto find my beta readers…

I’ll be posting other things here soon, I promise you that.


2 comments on “I’ve Completed the Third Draft of My Cancer Story

  1. Congratulations on a successful rewrite! I look forward to supporting once it’s out.


  2. GuyOnAWire says:

    Thanks, Daniel! I appreciate the support. If you ever want to read a beta version, let me know!


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