Living Up to My Expectations

“Set a goal. Accomplish it. Set another goal.”

While I never heard Donald Wade utter these words, I live by them each and every day. Sometimes to a fault; I’m hard on myself because I know those hours I sneak away watching mindless YouTube Videos don’t add to my career, but nevertheless, I’m maximizing my efficiency daily.
When I moved out to Los Angeles two years ago, it was to begin a chain reaction of goals in which to accomplish. I spent over a decade of my life post-cancer doing little regarding creativity or towards a profession. Sure, I went to school for four of those years and made some films, but the momentum from the education stalled, and I was left to wander aimlessly.

Don passed away a few weeks before I left in 2016, and when I went to pick up a gift I had given him as a token of thanks, his neighbor gave me a shirt with that quote smack dab across the chest. I couldn’t fit in the shirt back then, but after cleaning out my closet last night, I rediscovered the garb, and it fit like a glove. I proceeded to wear it proudly today to my job at 9-1-1 on the Fox Lot.
I wear it to honor him, and to display that there is a definite truth behind the phrase if you so choose to believe. Yet, success isn’t measured with only a belief but coupled with a drive to succeed in one’s goals.
I lost twenty pounds in January alone on the #Whole30, and have kept it off, not because I simply went on a diet, but because I chose to continue eating relatively healthy. I got a job as a PA because I had a hunger to work in the industry, and someone recognized that initiative and gave me my first shot. And I kept getting days because I worked my ass off.
There is no “easy way” to working out here; you roll up your sleeves, put your nose to the grindstone, and set goals for yourself. Then you complete those goals. Plain and simple.
I wear this shirt for Don, for Patrick, for Aaron, for David, for Robin, for Mitch, and the now millions of others who’ve lost their own battles with cancer. I fight with myself daily to keep their spirit alive and not let a moment go to waste. Survivor’s Guilt is real and warranted.
What are your goals and which steps are you taking to achieve them?
Time’s ticking.
-Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)

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